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CarbonPoker Odds Calculator User Guide

CarbonPoker Odds Calculator User Guide


1.0 Getting Started

1.1 Installation

To download and install the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator simply click here. You will need to have "Administrator" access with your personal computer account to successfully download this software. Installation is totally free of charge. Please note that the odds calculator is only supported by Windows OS. We will be developing a version for Mac in the near future.

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1.2 Running CarbonPoker Odds Calculator

CarbonPoker Odds Calculator is simple to use. All you have to do is launch the odds calculator either before or after you sit in at a table. The application will then automatically locate and attach itself to the very game table that you are currently playing at.

To ensure The CarbonPoker Odds Calculator is ready for your first hand, make sure you have launched it before your game starts.

One of the best features about the odds calculator is the fact that it supports multiple game tables simultaneously. You can launch multiple instances of the odds calculator by clicking the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator icon multiple times as you see fit. Each of the calculators will then work with each of the game tables you have open independently.

You can also achieve this by clicking Tools > Settings > Find new game tables automatically on your calculator. Once you have clicked through the path previously described, your CarbonPoker Odds Calculator will open a new instance automatically if there is a new game table available. You can force your calculator to start or stop finding new game tables by right clicking on the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator icon in your system tray.

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1.3 Software Upgrade

You will receive free upgrades for the new versions and updated implementations of the odds calculator. Like the majority of the computer programs you are used to, CarbonPoker Odds Calculator will automatically detect the availability of an update to the program and send a notification message. You can also download and install the calculator again to get the latest version.

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1.4 CarbonPoker Client Settings

You will have to re-install the program to English if you use another language in your poker client to use the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator on Merge Gaming sites.

You will then want to enable the Show Dealer Chat and the Keep Hand History options like we have shown in the example below.

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2.0 Main Screen

2.1 Overview

When using the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator you have an option to choose either Horizontal View (which will be the default setting), or the Vertical View. There is also an option for a Mini View. To access and enable one of these specific options simply click on Views in the menu bar located on your calculator. You can also resize the Horizontal View by dragging the bottom right tab of the window as you would with any browsing window.

You can also select the option Enable HUD and Hide Main Window. This way the odds calculator will display everything you require on the game table. This feature is incredibly convenient for multi-table gaming.

Located on the left side (border) of the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator, you can select an option to display Hand Odds or Player Stats. This will give you increased and crucial information on your current game/games. You can change player stats between Current Session and History Stats by simply clicking the h button. Another fantastic feature is the ability to also display the player stats in a completely separate window by clicking the + button.

On the very top right of the title bar of the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator, there resides a selection of menus for different functionalities. T Is the icon for always on top. P Is the icon used to replay hands you have played.

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Win Odds

The CarbonPoker Odds Calculator win odds are calculated using an industry leading and sophisticated algorithm based on your pocket cards, the community cards shown, as well as the exact number of players in the hand. The program also offers accurate win poker odds and percentages that you can trust and have faith in. If you use the percentage format to display the win odds, the bigger the value the win odds will display, the better hand you will have. You can change the way the format is displayed from standard to Ratio in the settings window. Simply click Tools > Settings and choose your preference.

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2.3 Pot Odds

The ratio of the amount of money in the pot paired with how much money it takes to call is what is known as the Pot Odds. It is a very simple calculation to understand as the higher the ratio is, the better your pot odds will be. If there is $12 in the pot and it costs $4 to call, then you are getting 3:1 odds, also known as the cost to stay in. This can also be translated to a percentage if you would prefer. It would translate to 25% in the aforementioned example. If percentage is the format you would prefer to display regarding the pot odds, the lower the value the pot odds will display, the better the pot you will have. You can change the format these are displayed in the settings window after you click Tools > Settings.

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2.4 Expected Value (EV)

EV is the expected value for your personal hole cards. What expected value is can be easily explained: Basically, EV is the average amount of large bets this hand will make or lose. For Instance, AA (pocket aces) from the small blind position in a 3/6 game will make on average 2.71 times what the big blind would, or to break it down further, $16.20 per hand (2.71 * $6). 22 (pocket twos) from the button (D or Dealer position) moreover, will make -0.12 EV, or -$0.72 in a 3/6 game (6 * -0.12). This data and statistical information is extracted from your poker room's EV Page. Therefore, these stats are actually compiled from live table data instead of untrustworthy simulations.

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2.5 Group

This is another way to analyze and describe the strength of your hole cards. Basically this method divides the starting hands into 9 separate groups. Group 1 is the strongest; group 9 the weakest. By using the strategy of only playing poker hands that have profitable EV (Expected Value), you will most definitely improve your game. However, this is a compilation of EV for the average player, thereby it is just a representative of long-term statistics and not Texas Hold'em fact. You will still have to play your poker hands accordingly. This obviously means playing the man or at the very least observing your opponents. Below is the whole list of groups:

Groups Hands
1 AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AKs
2 TT, AQs, AJs, KQs, AK
3 99, JTs, QJs, KJs, ATs, AQ
4 T9s, KQ, 88, QTs, 98s, J9s, AJ, KTs
5 77, 87s, Q9s, T8s, KJ, QJ, JT, 76s, 97s, Axs, 65s
6 66, AT, 55, 86s, KT, QT, 54s, K9s, J8s, 75
7 44, J9, 64s, T9, 53s, 33, 98, 43s, 22, Kxs, T7s, Q8
8 87, A9, Q9, 76, 42s, 32s, 96s, 85s, J8, J7s, 65, 54, 74s, K9, T8
9 All other remaining combinations

Group and Hand Notes:

AKs = Ace and King Suited

AK = Ace and King NOT Suited

Kxs = King matched up with a random Suited card

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2.6 Outs

Outs refers to the unseen cards still left in the deck that will improve your hand to a possible winner after the flop. Quite obviously, the more cards left in the deck that will improve your hand, the better. The less the cards you need for a winning hand left in the deck the worse the odds are you will see those cards. CarbonPoker Odds Calculator shows you the total outs you have left in the deck and what those outs are. The odds calculator then displays the Outs from the strongest to the weakest.

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2.7 Position

CarbonPoker Odds Calculator has the ability to show your position after the flop. For a full size table (around 7-10 players), the first 3 seats after the dealer button would be Early. The button and the 2 seats before it would be Late. In between is the Middle. For smaller or short-handed tables (5-6 players), the early and the late positions are the first and last two positions. For tables with 2-4 players, the early and the late positions are the first and last position.

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2.8 "h" Tab

Click the "h" tab to switch between the "Current Session" and "History Data" for your player stats box.

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2.9 "+" Tab

Click the "+" tab to display player stats box in a separate window.

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2.10 Mucked Hands Display

CarbonPoker Odds Calculator reads the mucked hands info from the files developed from hand history. If there are some mucked cards in a game, the poker client will write this information to the hand history file. The odds calculator will then read and display that information for further strategizing and learning. For the "Mucked Hands" feature to work for you and your abilities, you need to enable the instant/local hand history option in your poker client and set the language to English.

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2.11 NUTS Hand Alert

This function removes any confusion for you when you have the Nuts or the best possible hand. You can then focus on how to take advantage and win the most money from your helpless opponents.

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2.12 Manual Poker Odds Calculator

To use this function simply click Tools > Manual Calculator. Alternatively you can also double click on the cards display area and launch the Manual Calculator. When you are in-play you can also replace one card to another by double clicking it.

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3.0 Player Stats

3.1 Overview

CarbonPoker Odds Calculator compiles and stores Player Stats automatically on your computer. The very next time you login and play, the stats will be loaded automatically. So, the next time you're sitting with a tracked player you can display their stats history if you so choose. The odds calculator accomplishes this by reading the log files supplied by the online poker rooms themselves. The key to this is how CarbonPoker Odds Calculator actually remembers the action and automatically recalls it for you.

Look in your CarbonPoker Odds Calculator installation folder and you will see a sub-folder named Statistics. This is where the stats database file is located. To change the stats display format in the setting window, simply click Tools > Settings.

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3.2 Stats Definition Table

Stat Definition
#H Total numbers of hands tracked
VPIP Voluntary Put Money in Pot - percentage of games a player voluntarily puts money in the pot pre-flop
PFR Pre-flop raise percentage
3Bet/F 3Bet pre-flop - % of times a player raises pre-flop when facing a raise
Steal/F % of time a player raises unopened pot pre-flop from the cutoff, button and SB position.
AF Aggression Factor - measure's players aggression/passivity
CBet/F Continuation bet on flop - % of time a player bets the flop after being the pre-flop raiser.
WSD/W Went to Showdown % - measure whether player is Solid or Overplay.
Net Chip amount that this player is up or down for all tracked hands.

#H - The total number of hands being tracked.

VPIP - Voluntary Put Money in Pot. This is the percentage of games a player voluntarily places money in the pot before the flop. Blinds do not count unless a player posts a small blind, calls a raise or raises form the small or big blind. The VPIP measures a player's playing style in regards to tightness/looseness. This helps visualize the different range of hands the player will see a flop with. GREEN is for TIGHT, BLACK is for NEUtrAL and SLIGHTLY LOOSE and RED is for LOOSE. Below are the default settings:

VPIP Category
VPIP less than 24% Tight
VPIP greater than 24% and less than 28% Neutral
VPIP greater than 28% and less than 33% Slightly Loose
VPIP greater than 33% Loose

PFR - Pre-flop raise percentage.

3Bet/F - % of times a player raises pre-flop when facing a raise. This includes 3Bet, 4Bet, 5Bet and so on.

/F - This is the % of recurrences a player folds when facing a 3Bet and only applies to the first raiser. In a situation where that hand is a 4bethand eventually and the first raiser folds, it is NOT a Folded to 3Bet pre-flop.

Steal/F - This is the % a player raises an unopened pot before the flop from the CO (Cutoff), the button and SB positions. A steal is only possible if everyone in front of the stealer folds so that the stealer is making the very first bet before the flop and only from the aforementioned cutoff, the button or the small blind.

/F - % if instances SB/BB folds when facing a steal.

AF (Aggression Factor) - This rates a player's aggression/passivity, which represents the tendencies of a player's betting after the flop. The CarbonPoker Odds Calculator provides this AF information for the flop, the turn and the river. RED is for PASSIVE, BLACK is for NEUTRAL and GREEN is for AGGRESSIVE.

AF = (Raise% + Bet%) / Call %

AF Category
AF less than 1 Passive
AF greater than1 and less than 1.5 Neutral
AF greater than 1.5 Aggressive

CBet/F - This means Continuation bet on flop. Which is the % of time a player bets the flop after being the pre-flop raiser. A CBet can only be made however, when there are players that need to act before the pre-flop raiser, if those other players all check to the pre-flop raiser.

/F - % of time a player folds to a continuation bet on flop.

WSD/W - To go further in our categorization of players, we use WSD (Went to Showdown %) to rate whether a player is Solid or Overplay. It is based on the hands when players have seen the flop. GREEN for SOLID, RED for OVERPLAY.

/W - Went to Showdown and Won percentage.

WSD% Category
WSD is less than 39% Solid
WSD is greater than 39% Overplay

Net - This refers to the chip amount that the player is up or down for all hands that are tracked. Different players styles (VPIP, AF) are incredibly important to observe as they relate to winning and losing trends and patterns. A players mindset also comes into play here as the balance can represent who is more likely to play it safe and who may be ready to go on tilt.

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3.3 Profiling Icons

CarbonPoker Odds Calculator allows you to assign profiling icons to a player when the program collects more than 40 hands of data for that player. Below is the list of the icons, their description and statistics. To change the profiling threshold (default is set at 40) click Tools > Settings.

Icon Calling Station Slightly Loose, Passive Between 28% and 33% Less than 100 N/A
Icon Fishy Loose, Passive Greater than 33% Less than 1.50 N/A
Icon Gambler Slightly Loose, Aggressive, Overplay Between 28% and 33% Greater than 1.00 Greater than 39%
Icon Shark Tight, Aggressive, Solid Less than 24% Greater than 1.50 Less than 39%
Icon TNT Loose, Aggressive Greater than 33% Greater than 1.50 N/A
Icon Smiley Neutral, Aggressive, Overplay Between 24% and 28% Greater than 1.50 Greater than 39%
Icon Exclamation Neutral, Aggressive, Solid Between 24% and 28% Greater than 1.50 Less than 39%
Icon Elephant Neutral, Passive Between 24% and 28% Less than 1.50 N/A
Icon Duck Slightly Loose, Neutral Between 28% and 33% Between 1.00 and 1.50 N/A
Icon Rock Tight, Passive, Solid Less than 24% Less than 1.00 Less than 39%
Icon Bomb Slight Loose, Aggressive, Solid Between 28% and 33% Greater than 1.50 Less than 39%
Icon Frown Face Tight, Aggressive, Overplay Less than 24% Greater than 1.50 Greater than 39%
Icon Tight Tight, Neutral Less than 24% Between 1.00 and 1.50 N/A
Icon Mouse Tight, Passive, Overplay Less than 24% Less than 1.00 Greater than 39%
Icon Question Mark Not Enough Hands of Data Not Enough Hands of Data Not Enough Hands of Data Not Enough Hands of Data

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3.4 Stats Filters

In the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator you can set up the criteria to display your preferred data regarding history stats. Simply click Tools > History Stats Filters. Player Number, Limit Type and Stake Level only apply to ring games. The Time filter applies to both ring and tournaments.

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3.5 Player Notes

Double click on a player's name in your player stats window and you can add, edit or view notes on that particular player. To have full functionality of your player notes, click the profiling icon on the HUD overlay. There will then be symbol on the player name or the profiling icon.

The notes data will be saved on your computer.

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3.6 Player Stats Configuration

You can sort the players in your Player Stats by alphabetized name or by specific seat position at the table by clicking the header of the player once or twice.

If you then right click on the stats window, you can view the menu entries below:

Reset Current Session - If you activate this the player stats will be reset to 0 for the remainder of the session session.

Always Current Session for Me - if you choose this option, the odds calculator will always display your own stats for the current session even you select the History Data option.

Grey Out Folded Players - When you begin, by default, the name of folded players will be grayed out. This option can be disabled.

Select Columns to be Displayed - You can select which stats columns you would prefer to display.

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3.7 Player Stats Assistant

Simply click Stats > Player Stats Assistant and you will have the ability to use this tool to manage the stats database files, search the stats for a player offline, etc.

Backup: You can backup your current stats information to a database file. So you can then move the file to another computer or Restore the original stats on the same or current computer after a system reinstallation.

Merge: You can utilize the Merge function to merge the stats from another computer or even Backup the old stats from your old computer. After that you can easily copy the database file to your new machine. You will also have the ability to merge the old stats with the new one.

Restore: You can transfer and/or restore your stats information by clicking backup on the current stats to retrieve a database file. Be sure to copy the file to a place you will remember. Then you can simply restore it to the new installation.

Reset: Resetting removes all stats information you have previously collected.

Query: This is a search function that finds the stats for your own statistics or for a particular player on the poker site. These search results will be displayed to you with one record each month. You may select and delete the stats for a particular month. You can also update the notes you have for that particular player.

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4.0 Heads-UP Display (HUD)

4.1 Overview

CarbonPoker Odds Calculator displays everything you could possibly need regarding player stats, win/pot odds and mucked cards in a very manageable and easy to understand way on your game table.

To view a video as a quick crash course on the HUD click here.

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4.2 HUD Functionalities on Table

If you right click directly onto the stats area, a popup menu will appear with a significant amount of options as below.

Hide/Show Main Window - This allows you to hide or show the main window of the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator.

HUD Options - This simply launches the HUD options window.

Change Number of Seats - You have the ability to change the number of seats for the HUD. This option is just for backup.

Put Me Here, Move HUD clockwise, Move HUD anti-clockwise - If you utilize the preferred seat option the HUD sometimes has issues detecting the seat number for each player. If this is in fact the case, you can use these menus to rotate your whole HUD position to the proper seat.

Edit Notes - Edit the notes for that player.

Move the mouse over the player icon and it will display the notes if any exist. Click the icon and you can edit any notes for the player.

Move mouse over stats area, it will display the detailed stats for the player.

Regarding the STL, 3B and CB stats, the HUD displays the stats in fractions as well as in (). In the picture/example above, we can see this player had 2 two chances to steal, 2 is the total hands base. Yet he didn't steal.

If you happen to be using a different theme than the table you can drag the stats to a proper location you prefer. The new positions will be remembered by HUD.

The 3 white characters match the first 3 characters of the player name. So you can tell whether the HUD positions are correct.

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4.3 HUD Options

If you click the HUD menu on your CarbonPoker Odds Calculator, or right click on the HUD stats overlay you will get to the HUD Options.

Enable HUD, Enable HUD and Hide Main Window - You can enable the HUD overlay display on your game table which will allow you to hide the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator main window and use the HUD only.

Disable HUD - You can also disable the HUD overlay display dynamically if you want.

Select Stats to be Displayed - Is used to save the HUD space. You can choose which stats items to be displayed.

Hide Profiling Icons - The HUD will not display the profiling icons for players if you choose this option.

Hide Win & Pot Odds Display - This function allows you to not show your Win & Pot Odds on HUD.

Show Numbers without Symbols - This by default, has the HUD displays stats as something similar to "VP: 20 PFR: 8" as an example. You can choose to use "/" as a delimiter. So it will be displayed as a fraction such as"20/8". You can save some space by changing it to view this way.

Stats Text Color, Font - This is how you can change the font name and size.

Enable Solid Background, Choose Color - By default, the HUD background is transparent. You can change it to a color you prefer with this option.

Enable Color Coding for Stats Text - By default, HUD displays the stats text with a different color when the value is more or less than the threshold. You can choose to disable this option.

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5.0 Hand Replayer Overview

5.1 Overview

Click P or click Tools > Hand Replayer. This will allow you to visualize hands you played with the exact Player Stats and Win Odds (for yourself and players with known cards).

Sessions Menu - This allows you to select a session to replay or delete an old session.

Options Menu - This gives you the ability to change a number of options to customize your Hand Replayer.

Double click on the seat of a player - This enables you to view or edit notes for that player.

Copy to Clipboard Menu - Copy the information for your current hand. Allowing you to email it or paste it into a forum.

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6.0 CarbonPoker Odds Calculator Settings

6.1 Settings

To activate the CarbonPoker Odds Calculator options go to Tools > Settings or right click and go to Settings on your odds calculator.

Find new game tables automatically - By checking this option, the odds calculator will automatically launch new instances for new game tables.

Select a game table to attach to on startup - By checking off this option, CarbonPoker Odds Calculator will not attach itself to any game table automatically. You will then have to manually select one of the game tables when you launch.

Move with the game table automatically - By selecting this option, CarbonPoker Odds Calculator will move itself with the game table automatically when you move your game table.

4 Color Deck - Changes your hole cards and the board cards with a deck of 4 colors on the odds calculator.

Keep Mini View Mode, Keep Vertical View Mode - This way you don't have to change the view every time you launch CarbonPoker Odds Calculator.

Show my hole cards after fold - By selecting this option, the calculator will keep showing you your hole cards after you fold your hand allowing you to critique your decision.

Close CarbonPoker odds Calculator when game table is closed - You won't have to manually close the odds calculator every time.

Win/Pot Odds - You can change the Win/Pot Odds display format to Percentage or Ratio.

Player Stats - Display the player stats data in fraction mode.

Player Profiling Options - You can change the player profiling thresholds.

Min # of hands required to profile players - You can set the minimum number of hands required to profile a player. By default, the number is 40. You can try to set a bigger number to get more reliable results.

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