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Carbon Poker Tournaments Features

Deal It Twice

If you are a poker pro with pot odds, variance and EV all figured out in your poker brain bank, we have added one of the most exciting new features to online poker, designed to give any player a chance to try a dealing option with increased popularity in live cash games.

Rabbit Hunt

When you have won a poker hand, sometimes players are left wondering if they should have stayed in the hand against you. If your at your home game or in a card club sometimes a player will ask to see what cards would've come if they hadn't folded, this is called Rabbit Hunting.

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Expose One Card

Some poker rooms allow you to show both your hole cards, but at CarbonPoker we go one further and allow you to show either both your cards, or just one card.

Poker Smilies / Emoticons

Lets face it - table talk is a huge part of poker, and while you lose some of the animation of a live social experience when simply typing text in a box, at CarbonPoker we are making it our goal to put some of that animation back in.

Late Registration

If you've ever been stuck in traffic or simply lost track of time, then Carbon's Late Registration feature will help you out when you've missed the 'shuffle up and deal' for your favourite tournament.

Time Bank

The Time Bank is exactly as it sounds - a bank of time. It essentially allows you extra time when those hard decisions are forced upon you.

Player Tag

Think someone is a fish? Then tag them so you know the next time you meet them at the table. Choose your own custom descriptions to go with our range of player tags.

Multiple Windows

By using multiple windows you can easily play all your favorite tournaments without ever having to miss the action at the tables.

Fast Tables

CarbonPoker is very excited to introduce Fast Tables to our players. Now with No Limit Hold'em up to $0.10 / $0.25 stakes, you have the option to play on these Fast Tables that are designed to speed up the natural flow of the game.

Vector Graphics

We like to think that its the little things that can make a big difference, so when we made our re-sizable windows we made sure that no matter what size you make our window, the graphics remain clear, and don't go pixelated.

Caribbean Stud Jackpot

The Caribbean Stud Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that builds as you play each hand! In addition to your normal bet against the dealer, you can also insert a Jackpot entry into the entry slot on the table. This ensures you are in the running to win Jackpot prizes.

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