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3 Quick Tips for Mobile Poker Success

It won’t be long before Carbon Poker players will be able to enjoy our services through mobile devices. And if you haven’t heard the news, you can go here to read more about Carbon Poker mobile.

Assuming you’re interested in playing mobile poker through Carbon, it’s worth mentioning that play will differ slightly from a laptop or desktop. So the approach you take to mobile games should be different as well. This being said, here are a few tips for those who are new to wireless play.

1. Start out playing Casually – The big advantage to mobile poker is definitely convenience since you can play virtually anywhere with these devices. However, this also leads to some downsides too such as a smaller screen and more potential distractions. The latter is especially something to worry about because it’s hard to perform your best on a crowded bus or sitting at a busy doctor’s office. So it’s recommended that you play casually and stick with low stakes through mobile devices…at least in the beginning.

2. Look for Mobile-Specific Bonuses – In order to encourage more players to try wireless poker, many sites will offer bonuses that are specifically geared towards Android, iPhone and iPad users. Now the rewards vary based on each poker room, but some of the benefits that you can look forward to include extra deposit bonuses and additional VIP points. So keep a lookout for these rewards by constantly checking the Promotions section of your favorite poker site.

3. Make sure your Mobile Device is charged – One more basic tip worth mentioning here is to always make sure that your mobile device is charged and ready to go. After all, the last thing you want is to be doing well in a big tournament, only to have your iPad or iPhone in danger of dying. That said, charge your mobile device any time you get the chance – especially if you’re going to be on the road playing some poker.