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The Roots Of Online Poker – Great Video

What a noble beginning online poker had. This Intellivision gem: Las Vegas Blackjack and Poker (great name, right?) is a real slice of early 80′s gaming. In fact, this was a release game with the Intellivision system (thanks, Wikipedia!).

Intellivision is awesome. Sure, there’s no ultra-realistic graphics, dancing girls or whatever…but did you see the raw emotion on the dealer’s face? Seriously, I’m going to pick one of these up for the Carbon office on ebay.

The dude reviewing the game is way too calm for all the excitement that LVBJ&P has to offer. What’s his deal? I’m not sure where the clip is from, but anyone sitting at home while videotaping their TV of old video games definitely isn’t late for a party, if you know what I mean. Now if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got some really important things to attend to.

Just watch the video, ok?