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The Possibilities of Poker [infographic]

Poker has been around since 1829! Flashforward 184 years later and the game may even be more popular than its time of origin. Did you know there are 2,598,960 possible poker hands with a 52 card deck? To pull a royal flush, the probability odds are 649,739 to one. Even though the likelihood of winning may appear slim-to-none,  someone will eventually win this hand …who says it can’t be you?!

Interested in knowing the various, winning poker combinations? For a royal flush, the probably boils down to 649,739 : 1.  A straight flush (excluding a royal flush) is 72,192 : 1.  A four of a kind likelihood is 4,164 : 1. To get a full house, the odds are 693 : 1, and a flush (excluding royal and straight) is 508 : 1. A straight is 254 : 1, while a three of a kind: 46.3 : 1. Lastly, a two pair has a probability rate of 20.0 : 1 and a one pair produces the likelihood of 1.36 : 1. AS the popular, “Hunger Games” movie cites, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

The Popularity of Poker

The following is an interesting compilation of poker statistics that you may never need to know, but are sure glad you do!

  • About 6.8% of the adult population plays poker regularly. That’s over 40 million people!
  • Of these, 23 million play in the United States, at 10.1% of the U.S. adult population.
  • 15 million people play online for real money, and 7 million of these do it atleast once a month.  Of these 15 million online players, 76% are male, and 58% are younger than 35.
  • 5 million folks play for real money at least once a month in “Home Games” and 2 million play for real money at least once a month in “Private Clubs.”
  • 10 million people have played poker in a casino in the past year.
  • The most money ever won in a single hand of poker was $900,000!
  • It was won by Tom Dwan on national television.

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