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Annie’s Putting Up Her Dukes

I think Daniel Negreanu read my last article about him.

During a recent interview for British magazine Poker Player, Negreanu apparently intended on take the training wheels off his sparkling clean spokesperson image to ride his big boy Huffy. When asked how he felt about men playing in the all-women event this year at the World Series of Poker, he had the following to say:

What irked me is men playing, using tampons as card protectors, and Shaun Deeb wearing a dress. I like Shaun Deeb, though. He’s a good kid – I think he was just misinformed. But then Annie Duke sticks her nose out and says, ‘Good for you, men, standing up for sexual equality.’ What a load of baloney! They are not standing up for sexual equality. Then she made some points in her blog that she thinks this event should be abolished, and I’m thinking, there are 1,000 women who love to play poker with each other, and don’t want to have to deal with guys burping, farting and using tampon card protectors and stuff like that.

What irked me is that this woman has the audacity on her website to call herself ‘the best female poker player in the world’. So on one side of the coin she’s fighting for, ‘Oh, we’re all equal, there shouldn’t be any gender thing,’ but when appropriate she decides to call herself the best female poker player in the world.

So I’m like how offensive are you, you f***ing c***? You want to say you’re speaking for women, yet you claim superiority over all of them.

That’s one hell of a way to break an image. While I agree to all extents that Duke is uppity, obnoxious, and an overall terrible human being (anyone familiar with her site’s cheating scandal and their lack of support for players having been cheated out of all of their money will understand this), Negreanu’s choice of words will momentarily do for his career what Tiger Woods going out and sleeping with anyone not named Elin Nordegren did for his.

Duke’s brother Howard Lederer was quick to respond via his Twitter account: “Hey Daniel, nice job representing poker and reinforcing that our attitude towards women is still Neanderthal.” Lederer was happy to respond because it meant his name would be included in articles such as mine and he would once again have relevance for a short period of time.

It didn’t take long for Negreanu’s major site sponsor to offer its impromptu damage control response:

Although Daniel Negreanu is a [sponsored pro], he is an entity to himself and as such will always be encouraged to express his views and speak his mind as he would otherwise do so, [sponsored pro] or not.

Annie Duke’s open letter didn’t seem all the worse for wear, as she seems generally content with being horribly berated by one of her peers just so long as her name appeared in the press:

I am not offended by Daniel’s opinion. He has a right to disagree with me and dislike me. And I, just like [his sponsors], would encourage him to express his views and opinions. This is not about his views. It is about a particular word he chose to express those views. The word “c***” is not an opinion, it is an abusive epithet, and [his sponsors] completely ignoring the use of that term in their response.

Negreanu is a grown man, even though his hyperactive, elfish demeanor may tell a different tale. He is responsible for his own actions and words. The mere fact Duke is looking for some sort of redeemable statement from his sponsors and is more offended they aren’t distancing themselves from him instead of looking to Negreanu for an apology is laughable at best.

For starters, Negreanu’s relationship is kismet: his sponsors need him, he needs his sponsors. Realistically, nobody is going anywhere in that relationship.

Secondly, the fact that Annie Duke is upset by how another site has handled itself is like John Wayne Gacy angrily calling somebody else a murderer or Cruella de Vil throwing paint on somebody else’s fur coat. If you want to comment on integrity, how about you start with writing an open letter to the loyal users of your site that got screwed by superusers.

Lastly, in that open letter, explain about how integrity is directly correlated to riding out a site sponsorship through public scandal and defined as resting easy at night with your endless, effortless fortune as multiple users who have lost a combined $1.5 million that they painstakingly grinded out now have absolutely nothing.

Albeit a poor choice of words, I think Negreanu was on to something.


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Cell Phones Allowed in WSOP, Players Collectively Tweet “ty officialz hehe”

"jst gt knckd out lol rofl lmao :( ttylz"

The World Series of Poker recently released its rulebook for the upcoming 2010 series. New to this year, players arriving after the start of the third level of play (cough cough Phil Hellmuth) will be pleasantly surprised to see they’ve been removed from the tourney and are left to drown their sorrows in crab legs and prime rib at the casino buffet. This “no show” policy removes a players chip from play and money from the prize pool, holding it at the registration cage until it is collected by the entrant.

The 2009 logo policy is still in place, which bans the promotion of firearms, drugs, tobacco, lotteries, defamatory or obscene content, pornography, libel, or “advertises any online gaming site that conducts business with U.S. residents.”

Thanks largely in part to the impact Twitter has had on the poker community, the most profound change for 2010 is  that cell phones are once again permitted back on the tables, but only for those players with cards in the muck. Guidelines state:

“All cell phones and other voice-enabled and “ringing” electronic devices must be turned off during tournament play. Players not involved in a hand (cards in muck) shall be permitted to text/email at the table, but shall not be permitted to text/email any other player at the table. If Rio, acting in its sole and absolute discretion, believes a player is communicating with another player at the table, both parties will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and face imposition of additional penalties as described in Rule 37. All players desiring to talk on a cell phone must be at least one table length away from their assigned table during all said communication. Those individuals who talk on a cell phone not at least one table length away from their assigned table shall be subject to a penalty to be determined by Tournament Staff. No cell phones or other electronic communication device can be placed on a poker table.”

View all eight pages of WSOP regulations here (Adobe Acrobat reader required). 

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Brunson Catches Heat for Barack Obama Tweet

doylebrunsonTwitter has become extremely popular among professional poker players since many of them use Tweets to keep fans updated on their latest news (you’re welcome, grandma).  Doyle Brunson is especially fond of Twitter as he uses the service to let people know about his tournament finishes, outrageous sports bets, and jokes that he finds funny.  And it is the jokes that have recently landed Brunson in hot water with many followers.

Brunson, who uses the account name @TexDolly, sent out a joke about Barack Obama on January 20th.  His joke/comment read as follows: “The Democrats say ‘give Obama time.’  Us Repubicans agree, 25 to life seems appropriate!”

Besides offending English buffs with his misspelling of Republicans, Brunson also drew the ire of Obama and Democrat supporters for the comment.  Numerous people sent Tweets back to Brunson chastising him for the shot he took at Obama; some people even accused him of being a racist.

Of course, the comments that labeled Brunson as a racist quickly prompted a response back from Doyle as he said, “Just because I don’t like the way things are going with Obama’s 1st year has nothing to do with the color of his skin.  Stop the racist BS!”

Poker pro Jeff Madsen chimed in on Brunson’s Obama Tweet by disagreeing in a more respectful manner.  Madsen wrote, “I respect u doyle but it seems that ur politics aren’t very informed are they. Don’t listen to television.”  Brunson responded back to Madsen by saying, “Yep, when I was 23 years old, I thought everybody should get a handout too. Now, I know better, let em get out and work.”

The controversial Tweet hasn’t stopped Brunson from sending out his barrage of blonde/politics jokes though as he recently typed the following, “Q..Name the most influential 1st Lady in American history…(hint…she was married to John Kennedy)…Blonde answer..Mrs Kennedy.”

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New Twitter Freeroll this Saturday! $605.40 PrizePool

TwitterPokerAs we keep getting more and more Twitter followers and players in our weekly Twitter Freerolls, we decided to kick things up a notch.

That’s right – this weekend we’re launching with a new format, a new day and our biggest Twitter prizepool ever.

Win CarbonPoker coupons, that are as good as cash entries for our best guaranteed tournaments and SitNGos. We’re awarding prizes to the top 40 finishers.

What: Twitter Follower Freeroll
When: Saturday @ 14:30 (Server Time)
Who: Registered Twitter Followers

The PrizePool:
1st: $109 Coupon & Twitter Accolade
2-4: $109 Coupon
5-6: $60 Coupon
7-8: $11 Coupon
9-10: $2.20 Coupon
11-20: $1.10 Turbo SitNGo Coupon
21-40: $0.50 Turbo SitNGo Coupon

There are already 700 registered players. If you’re not, here’s how to do it:

1. Follow CarbonPoker
2. Visit the secure Twitter page in the admin
3. Enter your username, get confirmation number.

It’s that easy. I can’t put you in the freeroll. YOU put you in the freeroll

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This Weekend at CarbonPoker

carbonpokerpicWeekly Roundup!

We’ve had a pretty big week at CarbonPoker. We launched The Carbon Million, picked the lineup for the Blogger Tourney and continue to roll with all of our regularly scheduled awesomeness.

It’s sweet to see so many great bloggers on board and new players through the door.

Here are some of our regularly scheduled highlights to spend your weekend with – c’mon, it’s better than going outside and getting a sunburn. CarbonPoker, promoting sun safety.

Weekend Tourneys:

$50,000 Guaranteed – Sunday @ 15:00 Server Time — $109 buy in or coupon

$250 Twitter Freeroll – all your Twitter FreeRoll Details.

There is plenty of other action, so check out your player admin for the full schedule.

Have a good weekend – you’ll hear from me on Monday.

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$250 Twitter Freeroll This Sunday

TwitterPokerOK, guys. You know the drill.

This Sunday, all of our Twitter followers are going to be facing off in a $250 Twitter Freeroll.

These tourneys are free, fun and packed with players. We’ve been really close to 1000 players, but when we finally crack the number, we’ll double the prizepool to $500!

We get a lot of questions on how to register, so here are the 3 simple steps:

1. Follow CarbonPoker on Twitter
2. Visit the secure Twitter page in the admin
3. Enter your username, get confirmation number.

Sound good? Yep. It’s that easy.

Here are the details of the tourney:

2,500 Starting Chips
4min breaks every 60min
$250 Twitter ‘Follower’ Freeroll
Start Time: Sunday 5th July @ 2:30pm Server Time
$250 prizepool

RT this, send it to friends, post it around. We want to pack this event even more and double up the prizes.

Good luck out there!

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How to Get Into the $250 Twitter Freeroll

twitter-bird-money-eyesAnother week, another freeroll.  By now, you’ve probably seen this around. Chances are, you’ve even played in it.

Back by popular demand is the $250 Twitter Freeroll from CarbonPoker.

As we announced last week, if we get 1,000 or more players in this week’s freeroll, we’ll double the prizepool to $500! We’ve been CLOSE, but not there yet. Tell your friends and let’s raise the payouts.

How To Qualify:

1. Follow CarbonPoker on Twitter
2. Visit the secure Twitter page in the admin
3. Enter your username, get confirmation number.

The best part is, you only need to do this once! That’s right. If you’re entered and confirmed once, you will be eligible for every Twitter Freeroll we do.

Tournament Details:

2,500 Starting Chips
4min breaks every 60min
$250 Twitter ‘Follower’ Freeroll
Start Time: Sunday 5th July @ 2:30pm Server Time
$250 prizepool

Think you’re going to play and win? Call it early and put it in the comments!

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Twitter Freeroll is Back on Track for Sunday

twitter-bird-money-eyesThe much-hyped $250 Twitter Freeroll is back.

After some technical difficulties last week, keeping some people out of the Twitter Freeroll, this Sunday’s action is on track.

This is a free tourney to enter, and it’s open to all of our followers on Twitter. RT and let your friends know. When we reach 1000 players in a Twitter event, we’ll DOUBLE the prize pool to $500.

For those of you that haven’t been out to a Sunday Twitter tourney, they’re a lot of fun. If you haven’t, here’s what you need to do:

1. Follow CarbonPoker on Twitter

2. Validate on our Secure Twitter Page

3. Enter Confirmation Number & Get Coupon.

Good luck, tweeps.

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Another $250 Twitter Freeroll for Our Followers

TwitterPokerYou know the drill. Every Sunday, CarbonPoker rolls out an exclusive Freeroll with a $250 prizepool.

If you’ve played in it before, you know that the action can get heated, and we’re pulling more competitors with each event.

Once we hit 1,000 players in the Twitter Freeroll, we’re going to double the prizepool ($500…but you already knew that, right?).

In case you’re new to this, here’s what you need to do to become eligible:

  1. Follow CarbonPoker on Twitter
  2. Confirm in your Secure Twitter Page
  3. Coupon will be issued to your account

There you have it. Easy. The tough part will be getting past the poker players online on Sunday.

Watch our Twitter Feed for updates on these tournament and other exclusive offers.

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Twitter Freeroll and Other Weekend Events

TwitterPokerWell, before we end the week at CarbonPoker, I thought I’d let you know what’s up for the weekend.

As usual, our loyal Tweeps will be cashing in on the $250 Twitter Freeroll. If the masses come out and we get more than 1,000 entrants into this free poker tourney, we’ll double next week’s Twitter Freeroll tourney to $500. EASY!

How do you get in on the action? Follow CarbonPoker on Twitter and do these simple steps:

  1. Follow Us
  2. Confirm at our Secure Twitter Admin
  3. Receive Confirmation Code and Enter it. After that, your account will automatically be credited with Twitter Freeroll Coupons.

Don’t forget about our weekly $50,000 Guaranteed Tournament. With a bit of an overlay, I think it’s got the best value of any guaranteed tourneys online.

I’m sure you heard about the Bad Beat Jackpot going off earlier this week. We decided to push a Bad Beat deposit bonus for the weekend.

I’ll be checking in from time to time on my patio/wi-fi/cold beer office. There are perks to being a blogger, and not just sitting around in my underwear. Enjoy the weekend; GL at the tables.

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