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Playing Suited Ace-Rags Preflop

When it comes to ace-rags hands like A4, A3 and A2, these are usually best left in the muck pile. Sure you might hit top pair with these cards, but how much are you willing to invest when it’s almost a given that you’re out-kicked? Now if the ace-rags hand is suited, these cards gain additional value because you can draw to a nut flush. On the other hand, your odds of flopping a flush are 118-to-1, so this isn’t exactly a foolproof plan.

So what do you do with ace-rags? Fold them every time? Not exactly because these hands can pay dividends when played right. But the problem involves knowing the situations where you can make some money off ace-rags. That said, let’s look at a couple of factors to consider when you’re deciding what to do here.

Position, Position, Position

The biggest factor when deciding whether or not to play ace-rags will be your table position. In most situations, these cards just aren’t good enough to play when you’re in early or middle position. However, A4 or lower can work when you’re sitting on the button or cutoff in an unraised pot. You can hope to either steal the pot in this position with a raise, or at least see the flop and hope for a draw or flush.

Passive Opponent

Another situation where ace-rags works well is if you’re isolated with a passive opponent who raised from middle position. The reason why we say middle position is because anybody who raises from EP is likely to have a strong hand that they’re not willing to give up to a late 3-bet. Now it’ll take some earlier observation to determine who you can get to fold in these situations. But if you can find the right opponent, you could steal a nice pot!

As you can see, there are definitely some times where playing ace-rags is profitable. And even when called, you can still have a very nice drawing hand on the flop.