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Listen to Poker Pro Will Ma’s Expert Lecture on Decision Making

Will Ma has had a pretty solid poker career after earning $685k and winning the 2007 Grand Prix De Paris ($574,068). But his strongest talent is the ability to simplify difficult mathematical concepts as a lecturer. The University of Waterloo graduate is such a respected lecturer that he’s a regular in MIT classrooms and has also spoken at Google NY and Riot Games.

One of Ma’s most popular lectures is one that deals with the “Joy of Making Good Decisions.” The discussion takes almost 50 minutes to get through, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interesting in learning more about quality poker decisions.

You can watch the YouTube video below, which starts off with a discussion of the ole’ credit card roulette game that poker players play when deciding who’ll pay for a meal. Ma’s lesson here is that poker players do this game because it saves time and everybody will theoretically pay an equal amount over time.

Another point that Ma hits upon is risk vs. reward. For example, most people would take a 25% chance at $50, rather than $10 guaranteed. But when the stakes are raised, such as deciding between taking $1,000 guaranteed or a 25% chance at $5,000, people need to consider if the risk is worth an additional $250.

Ma continues to discuss a number of points that revolve around expected value, worrying about good decisions rather than the end result, and when to bet with good poker hands.

Whether you’re a total beginner to the game or just looking for more reinforcement in poker decision making, it’s definitely worth checking out Ma’s lecture. Not only is it informative, but Ma makes everything quite easy to understand thanks to the slides and graphics.