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Poker Reality Show ‘Living the Life’ to launch soon

Poker figures to get a jolt from mainstream audiences since a new poker reality show called Living the Life is set to launch soon. We use the phrase ‘poker reality show’ lightly though because this program will mostly be about following two good-looking women around who have reality TV experience.

Trishelle Cannatella and April Kimmel are the stars of Living the Life, and the show focuses on their adventures before, during, and after poker tournaments. But don’t expect to pick up any poker tips because this program is totally focused on mainstream viewers. Producer Josh Kimmel admitted as much when he wrote the following on TwoPlusTwo:

Regarding our current reality show, LIVING THE LIFE, we’re categorizing this as a lifestyle show more than a poker show. Networks in general are very scared of the word poker, and outside of specific networks like GSN, GameTV, Spike etc., most networks just don’t have an audience for poker. On the flip side, many networks have a huge audience for reality TV. Apparently, only about 0.6% of the reality TV audience will already know and follow the game of poker. With those stats its very tough to gear the whole show towards poker players.

It appears as if Living the Life will include plenty of drama while focusing on the personality differences between Cannatella and Kimmel. Furthermore, they’ll check out the cities they visit, meet with psychics, rub elbows with poker pros, play sand volleyball and go clubbing. So pretty much, Cannatella (Real World: Las Vegas) and Kimmel (Survivor: China) will be doing the same kind of crap they’ve done on other reality shows – except this one has some poker sprinkled in.

As for the real pros that’ll get some camera time, Living the Life’s IMDB page lists Jonathan Duhamel, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Jamie Gold and Xuan Liu. IMDB also described the show’s first episode by stating, “Two girls travel the world and try to make a living as professional poker players. First stop, the European Poker Tour in Barcelona, Spain.” No immediate release date has been given for the first episode.