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Poker Pro Phil Galfond was once a Fish

Phil Galfond is arguably the best Pot-Limit Omaha player in the world. His expert play has enabled Galfond to win millions of dollars over the years and buy a sweet condo with a slide. But long before this, the PLO expert was a struggling online poker player at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Rough Start

Through a recent post at his site, Phil Galfond really did a good job of humanizing himself to the average player. He described his initial foray into the poker world by writing, “I started playing online poker for fun when I was a freshman in at University of Wisconsin – Madison. I deposited $50 and began with $10 Sit-n-Go’s. Clearly, I didn’t know much about bankroll management at the time. I lost my first $50.”

Student of the Game

After a very rough introduction to the online poker world, Galfond was able to redeem himself over the next year. He did so by joining poker forums, reading as much as strategy as he could, and taking advantage of every poker bonus available. His perseverance resulted in a $30-an-hour gig playing SNG’s. From here, Galfond’s life began revolving around improv classes and grinding on the cyber tables.

A Full-time Job

At one point of the blog, Galfond began discussed how he became so good at online poker that he was making $500-an-hour. And while most people will agree that a good education is important, it’s kind of hard to continue pursuing a diploma when you’re making more than most doctors and lawyers. So Galfond decided to drop out of UW – Madison and pursue poker full-time.

As we now know, Galfond has gone on to become one of the best poker players in the world. However, the grinder does wrap up the post by saying that he wishes he hadn’t been forced to grow up quickly because of poker success. You can read his full blog post here.