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Possibly Broke Joe Sebok working at Winery

Since 2005, Joe Sebok has accomplished a lot within the poker industry including the following:

- $1,896,955 in live tournament winnings
- 16 WSOP cashes
- 13 WPT cashes

In addition to his tourney accomplishments, Sebok also started PokerRoad with his dad, Barry Greenstein, and had a sponsorship deal with the now-defunct UB Poker. However, it doesn’t appear as if any of this has financially set Sebok for life because he’s now crushing grapes at a winery. The news of Joe’s new career path comes from, which discussed his grape-crushing in detail with the following:

Unlike most other professionals in the sport, though, Sebok has other interests. Naturally, then, when he took a break from professional poker at the end of 2011, the 35-year-old sought out a challenge in an unrelated field. Ultimately, he moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles and worked the 2012 harvest for Vinify, a custom crush facility in Santa Rosa.

This means Sebok spent the fall working with grapes. He was charged with punchdowns, the rigorous task of “punching” the top layer of grapes down to the bottom of a fermenting bin, so the fruit is distributed evenly. He engaged in pumpovers, the process of pumping wine from one holding tank to another.

The article would go on to discuss how Sebok is trying to spin his blue collar job into a social media position with a local winery; you can read the entire piece right here. While reading, you might get the feeling that Joe has probably gone broke and is trying to spin the new job into a positive light.

But if he is broke, it would definitely make sense because Sebok made just $24,792 in live tournaments over the past couple of years. Furthermore, he doesn’t have a UB Poker deal any longer, and PokerRoad is ranked just 712,577 on the traffic rankings site This being said, it’s likely that he needs to make money in some capacity – even if it’s just crushing grapes.