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Poker Player loses $300k in Cab: The Cabbie returns It

Poker pros have a nasty habit of being a little careless with their money. But “a little careless” doesn’t even begin to describe how an unnamed Las Vegas poker player recently left $300,000 in a cab.

Apparently, he was carrying the $300k around in a brown bag when he hopped in a Yellow Checker Star cab. After riding from the Cosmopolitan to Palms Place, the player gave the cabbie a $5 tip but forgot his bag.

At first the cabbie, Gerardo Gamboa, merely thought that the poker player left chocolates for him. But after opening the bag, he found six bundles of $100 bills. Realizing that he most likely wasn’t the recipient of a $300k tip, the cabbie took the money to his company’s Nevada office.

Meanwhile, the poker player had contacted Yellow Check Star in search of his money. He was apparently so distraught that “he wanted to shoot himself in the head.” Luckily, no heads were lost because police contacted the player and he went to collect the money. Police wouldn’t identify the poker pro, and all that’s known about him is that he’s famous and 28 years old.

As for Gamboa, he received a $1,000 reward from Yellow Check Star along with a steak dinner for two. The cabbie also got the chance to uphold the ideals that his parents taught him growing up. “I don’t care from $10 to higher. My dignity is not for sale, and that’s the way I am,” he said. “That’s the way our parents taught us when I was a kid. All I wanted to do was just call my dispatcher and return it, and this is the only chance I have to show cab drivers in Las Vegas are not bad people.”

Gamboa also described the poker player by saying, “He was grateful. He was very understanding – he wasn’t irritated. To a point he was irritated, but he wasn’t mad or aggressive or anything. Maybe a little more embarrassed than anything. I mean, he left $300,000 in a cab, but he was an awesome guy.”