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Phil Ivey to Wynn Casino Employees: “If you see me playing dice here again, I’ll suck your %!$@”

A user on the immensely popular Two Plus Two internet poker forums going by the name “Check Check Lay” posted a first-hand account of his run in last week with Phil Ivey roaming in his natural habitat: the Vegas craps tables. Like National Geographic chronicling lions in the Serengeti, the poster came back with a candid depiction of the lion sinking his teeth into the gazelle.

“So leaving the Le Reve show at the Wynn me and my friends are walking by the dice tables and see Phil Ivey. We stop to watch and five seconds after we stop, we hear Ivey getting into an argument with the floor supervisor. Apparently, the dice rested on the back wall and was called against Ivey. He proceded (sic) to yell that hes been playing dice for a long time and has never seen anything that ridiculous. He drops a few F Bombs and strengthens his argument by saying he will never play there ever again. He closes by looking at the supervisor and says ‘If you see me playing dice here again I’ll Suck your D$@K’ then points to another supervisor and says ‘Your’s (sic) too’. “

That’s a pretty sharp contrast to the stoic and calculated poker phenom Norman Chad loves to describe as “quietly making some noise again.” When you have a whale tossing for $50k  for every flick of the dice, what exactly is floor protocol when somebody of Ivey’s wealth and prominent Vegas stature steps up to the table and starts yelling at you like he’s reciting a chat log from To Catch a Predator when you lay the law of the house?

Regardless of his demeanor, Ivey’s craps play is the stuff of legend. ESPN’s E:60 Chad Millman followed him around last year chronicling his stunning high-stakes lifestyle for four days across four different countries on his very own private jet, as Ivey and his entourage were whisked from one grandiose luxury suite to the next. Needless to say, he makes the word “ballin” look like a broke crack addict eating casino buffet leftovers out of dumpsters off The Strip. For 11:33 of pure, unadulterated, Puff Daddy and Ma$e “”Feel So Good” tossin’ Benjamins at fly honeys awesomeness, click here.

Even as prosperous a player as Ivey is, being the leading all-time tourney money winner with $13,633,137, having won in upwards of of $18.5 million in cash games online, and with all the money he collects from royalties every month from stuff adorned with his mean mug, craps has dismantled poker players and all their accumulated worth. You might remember when earlier this year, T.J Cloutier’s WSOP bracelet was found for sale on eBay by a Vegas pawn shop, after the down-and-out pro was admittedly strapped for cash. This is a man who has won $9,456,221 playing poker and trails only second to Phil Hellmuth for the most WSOP final table appearances. Highly touted as one of the greatest to play the game before craps consumed from him any foreseeable reason to exist between sunrise and sunset, Cloutier has dropped completely off of poker radars to reside only as an urban legend on internet search engines, highlighted by keywords like “craps” and “broke”.

Do I think Phil Ivey will ever be in danger of going broke? Absolutely not. But if he does, there’s one way you can tell…