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Phil Galfond sells House and Slide for $3.3 Million

High stakes poker player Phil Galfond has gained a lot of mainstream attention for the pricey New York City double-condo he bought for $3.14 million. And while the price is definitely noteworthy, this isn’t why everybody has raved about Galfond’s home for the past year and a half. Instead, it’s the in-home slide he built that allowed him to get from the upstairs office to the lower floor in seconds.

Unfortunately, the fun has to end for the PLO expert because he’s not living in NYC any longer and it doesn’t make sense for him to own the place. He discussed this earlier in the year by saying, “I’m selling my place in New York because I don’t know when I’m going to be able to live there full-time again. And it’s pretty expensive. I have a mortgageā€¦.two mortgages technically because it’s two apartments.”

Galfond went on to say that he thought about renting his house with a slide out to somebody, but he didn’t feel comfortable letting somebody else live in a place he might move back to someday. However, it appears as if that someday will never come because Galfond has sold his famous home for $3.3 million.

Canadian businessman Daniel Gieschen bought the condo, but he doesn’t plan on keeping the slide. However, before Gieschen has it torn out, he’s going to have a slide/house warming party. Once the party has been held, Gieschen wants to give the slide away to charity or a children’s museum. As for Galfond, he continues to move back and forth between Las Vegas and Vancouver. Doing so allows him to play at the biggest online poker sites (Vancouver) while also being able to grind in live cash games and tournaments in Las Vegas.