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Making Money with HU SNG’s

One of the most popular online poker formats among beginners is the heads-up sit and go. HU SNG’s are fast, you get quick results, and you only have to worry about understanding one opponent at a time. But if you’re looking to make profits rather than just have fun with HU SNG’s, there are a few points you should keep in mind.

Takes Notes on who You’ve been playing

Assuming you play the same stakes every day, you’ll notice a lot of the same opponents in heads-up SNG’s. This being said, it really pays to take notes on everybody you play against starting in the beginning and beyond. By doing so, you’ll have a good idea of what each opponent likes to do in certain situations. Furthermore, you will have an easier time with table selection because you can target the weaker players.

Work your Way up to Multi-Tabling

If you truly want to make a significant profit from HU SNG’s, it’s critical that you begin multi-tabling at some point. To illustrate why, let’s say you have a 10% ROI and play $5 + $0.50 SNG’s; at this rate, you’ll only be earning $0.55 off each one. So it would take 20 tournaments an hour just to earn $11. So the goal is to keep improving your skills, adding more tables, and moving up the stakes. Just make sure you’re beating one table though before you even think of multi-tabling.

Keep Realistic Expectations

There’s a lot of variance in HU SNG’s, so you’ll see plenty of bankroll swings with these tournaments. It’s also worth mentioning that a lot of skilled regulars like to play heads-up SNG’s, which makes for a tough learning curve. That said, you need to temper your expectations for these tourneys and continue investing in poker training. The more work you put into HU SNG strategy, the better chance you have of eventually being a profitable player.