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Luciaetta Ivey makes out Good in Phil Ivey Divorce

When poker pro Phil Ivey and his wife of seven years, Luciaetta Ivey, got divorced, people knew that Luciaetta was going to get her fair share of wealth. After all, Ivey has $13.8 million in live poker tournament winnings, close to $20 million in earnings from online poker cash games, and countless dollars from both live cash games and sponsorship deals. But it was hard to imagine the extent of what the former Mrs. Ivey would get when the case was decided.

Thanks to new details published by the Las Vegas Review Journal, we now know exactly how much of the vast fortune that Luciaetta Ivey got from the divorce settlement. Highlights include $2.2 million in jewelry and purses, a $180,000 alimony payment each month, a life insurance policy, a house down payment, 40% of a stock account, and 40% of business payments to Phil Ivey (except for Tiltware LLC payouts). Furthermore, she didn’t have to assume any of Phil’s massive $15.1 million gambling bills and other debt.

But lately, the $180k alimony payments have been missing from the settlement because of a clause that relieves Phil of paying this if he’s no longer getting money from Tiltware. So Luciaetta has taken the case back to court because the former judge involved with the case – Bill Gonzalez – received $5k in campaign contributions from Phil Ivey. She spoke about these revalations last month by saying, “I was blindsided. I was very upset. I was very disgusted.”

At the moment, it doesn’t look like the case is going to be reopened because the Supreme Court where Luciaetta filed her petition said she, “sought to reopen the divorce case because she wasted all her money.” Going further, Phil’s lawyers chimed in with their take on the Judge Bill Gonzalez matter by saying, “At the time of the contributions, Judge Gonzalez no longer had jurisdiction over the case because it was closed.”

If you’d like to read more about the Phil Ivey divorce case, you can check out the Review Journal article.