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See Trailer of Jennifer Harman in Sin City Rules

Back in the summer, we discussed how Jennifer Harman was set to star in a future TLC reality show that was tentatively called “Vegas High Rollers.” The premise revolved around five high-powered Las Vegas women who’ve become prominent figures in the city. Well now we can report that the show is still happening, only under the new title of “Sin City Rules”

A tralier has been running on TLC all week, and it advertises how Sin City Rules will debut this Sunday at 10:00pm ET. We’ve pasted the trailer below and as you can see, it looks to be another Real Housewives of New Jersey-type show with ambitious, controversial women. We can only hope none of them turn out to be as villainous as Danielle Staub or Teresa Giudice! Some of the silly one-liners that are spouted off during the trailer include the following:

My family put the sin in Sin City.

If somebody doesn’t want to play, they don’t have to. But if I’m gonna play, it’s gonna have to be my game.

I don’t really win by rules, I make my own.

(Jennifer Harman) The most I’ve lost is half a million.

If I want a monkey, I get a monkey.

We make the world turn, not the men.

Okay, so obviously this show doesn’t look like it’s going to inspire deep thoughts and intense self-reflection. However, Sin City Rules should be pretty entertaining and worth watching for poker players due to Harman’s involvement. Make sure to check out the clip below: