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Sin City Rules cancelled, Jennifer Harman off TV

For the past few weeks, TLC has been running a new reality show called “Sin City Rules.” The premise of the show involves five prominent Las Vegas women frolicking around while showing off their wealth and power. And as we discussed before, poker pro Jennifer Harman was one of these women.

Unfortunately for Harman and the other four ladies on this show, their reality TV careers will be cut short since TLC is reportedly cancelling Sin City Rules. No official announcement has been, but Vegas DeLuxe claims that either tonight’s episode or last Tuesday’s airing will be the last time TLC runs the show. Apparently, two cast members have already confirmed the cancellation, including Las Vegas TV reporter Alicia Jacobs. She made the following statement regarding her time on the show:

I love working with TLC and Evolution Media on ‘Sin City Rules’ but really wish that a couple of my cast members had behaved in a manner befitting the high caliber of women I’ve always known to represent our amazing city.

TLC & Evolution Media are two incredible powerhouses, both of whom create some of the best programming on TV. They have also afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and hard-working crews I’ve ever known … true perfectionists.

It is a privilege to be invited into viewer’s homes, and that is something I always take very seriously. I hope that my cast mates are appreciative of this fact.

While she doesn’t mention names, anybody who saw the show knows that Jacobs is specifically referring to Billionaire Mafia owner Lana Fuchs, who constantly harassed her. These two provided much of the fireworks for the tacky and often predictable TV program.

Going back to Jennifer Harman, the cancellation of this show should at least give her more time to grind in cash games. As shown on Sin City Rules, she plays high stakes games at places like the Red Rock Casino. The 48-year-old also has an impressive live tournament resume that includes two WSOP gold bracelets and $2,645,976 in winnings.