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Hungary Might Legalize Poker

hungary pokerAs a further sign that poker is experiencing a big boom in Hungary, the nation is now considering legalizing the game so they can regulate it.  The Wall Street Journal reported this story over the weekend, and they believe that Hungary is looking to capitalize off of poker since an estimated 250,000 of the country’s 10 million residents currently play online and live.

However, it’s only been reported that Hungary is trying to regulate live poker, and they hope to make around 1 million Euros right away from dipping their hand into the game.  The only thing that is currently standing in the way of nationwide legal and regulated poker is the fact that not all parties agree on the plan.

Apparently, some people in the government want to put strict limitations on live poker clubs.  Among these limits include a 10 table limit inside of every club along with a cap on the tournament entry fees and cash game blinds.  The Hungarian Poker Association and the Hungarian Gambling Association are both adamantly against the restrictions since they think such limits would scare high profile international players away from Hungary.

It definitely seems like a good argument that Hungarian is possibly going to regulate the game too strictly.  If only low-level buy-ins are allowed in live poker clubs then it will definitely keep rich and famous players from entering any Hungarian events.  On top of this, most of the other players will opt to play online poker since it doesn’t sound like Hungary will look to be regulating this any time soon.

Whatever the case is, most of the country’s big poker playing population is hoping that the restrictions on live play aren’t too severe in the end.  But if they are too strict than you can definitely expect to see a big spike in the number of Hungarian online players.