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Former Engineer Amir Lehavot eyeing 2013 WSOP Main Event Title

Several years ago, poker seemed like about the furthest thing from Amir Lehavot’s future. Born is Israel, he moved to the U.S at age 16 and eventually obtained an engineering degree from the University of Texas. He then started working as an engineer in San Francisco and was destined for a career in this field. But everything changed in 2004 when he took some time off work to travel.

During his travels, Lehavot found poker and immersed himself in the game. He soon began playing a great deal of online poker and quickly sharpened his skills. By 2007, Lehavot was playing in live tournaments as well and preparing himself for what was to come next.

His big break would happen four years later in the 2011 WSOP $10k Pot-Limit Omaha Championship. Despite this being just his first live PLO tourney, Lehavot showed plenty of poise as he battled through a pro-heavy 249-player field. His overall poker skills shined through as he won a gold bracelet along with the $573,456 top prize.

Now Lehavot has a chance at more poker greatness since he’s one of the nine remaining players in the 2013 WSOP Main Event. Lehavot is a favorite to win the Main Event because he’s got the second biggest chip stack with 29,700,000. The chip leader J.C. Tran has a stack of 38 million, which is a firm lead, but certainly nothing that’s insurmountable.

With the $733,224 ninth place cash that’s guaranteed, Lehavot now has $2,274,867 in winnings. But he’s not thinking about just cruising into this event with a ninth place prize on his mind. Instead, Lehavot will be hoping to use his big stack to corral the $8,359,531 first place payout. Considering his performance on the big 2011 PLO Championship stage, this certainly isn’t out of the question.