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Dan Bilzerian Heart Attack King

For most people, having three heart attacks by the age of 30 is cause for alarm, and would mark a drastic change in one’s lifestyle. For Dan Bilzerian, having a third heart attack is reason to celebrate by bombarding your twitter followers with a slew of messages.

After being omitted to the hospital following his third heart attack, the 30-year-old poker pro sent out the following tweets:

Just had my 3rd heart attack, feeling better now, about to leave the hospital. Waiting on lab results now

Guy just died in hospital bed next to me, WTF

I cked self outta the hospital,doc said I should stay b/c I could die in my sleep if I go home.I’ve been gambling all week. I bet I’ll live

Just woke up.Docs think it was a minor heart attack or AGE.First thing I did when I got home was shower,& sex.Still have chest pain,gambling

3 heart attacks by age 30, pretty impressive.

Going for a run, ill bet a million dollars I don’t die. Any takers?

Most people can conclude from these tweets that Bilzerian isn’t all there. And when you throw in all of the cocaine, steroids, and HGH rumors that are floating around about Bilzerian, it seems like he’s creating a cocktail for his own demise.

But if he ever does lose the over/under on his bold death bets, at least Bilzerian got to rub elbows with the rich and famous in high stakes poker games, publicly blast Spiderman star Tobey Maguire, and date some pretty hot women. On the other hand, he can’t be too proud of the fact that he’s essentially become the number one Hollywood poker ring snitch that celebrity gossip magazines have tapped for countless information.