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Compete for $20,000 in Carbon’s Tourney King

With millions of dollars in guaranteed tournaments every month at Carbon Poker, there’s already plenty of money to be won here. However, Carbon is sweetening the deal even further by paying out an additional $20,000 every month to the top multi-table tournament players. Want your share of this money? Then start playing in as many MTT’s as you can so you’re eligible for the Tourney King title.

The more MTT’s you play, the more points you’ll earn towards either the High Limit Leaderboard ($20 tourney buy-ins or higher) or the Low Limit Leaderboard (tourneys with less than $20 buy-ins). If you earn enough points to finish in the top 250 players of either the High or Low Limit Leaderboard, you’ll get to play in a big cash-filled tournament at the end of the month.

Here’s how the top 5 prizes look for the top players in both tournaemnts:

High Limit tournament

1st place: $3,000

2nd place: $1,800

3rd place: $1,200

4th place: $600

5th place: $450

Low Limit tournament

1st place: $1,500

2nd place: $900

3rd place: $600

4th place: $300

5th place: $225

Besides the cash prizes, there will be plenty of tournament tickets that will be given away. And if you’re interested as to how the points are determined, the formula is simple: just take your buy-in X the entrants, then divide by your finish. So if you placed 10th in a $10 buy-in, 100-player tournament, you’d get 100 points ([$10 X 100]/10). Keep in mind that you also get extra points for making the final table of a tournament too.

The next Tourney King race starts at the beginning of February, so start hitting the tables right away so you can move up the leaderboards!