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Play Omaha? Use the Carbon Omaha Calculator

If you’re an Omaha player who’s looking for a quick way to boost your game, then you should definitely try the Omaha Calculator at Carbon Poker. This tool is extremely handy since it allows you to quickly assess hand probabilities, pot odds and opponent tendencies within seconds. This small overview doesn’t quite do the Omaha Calculator justice so let’s look more closely at the main features.

Displays Odds

How good are you at math? Mine’s terrible which is why it’s very helpful to have the Omaha Calculator nearby to do the math for me. Some of the odds that you’ll see displayed during hands include pot odds, remaining outs, win odds and Hutchinson points. The latter measures the strength of starting Omaha hands based on a useful points system and is just one more helpful stat offered by this calculator.

HUD (Heads Up Display)

Rather than trying to remember every preflop raise an opponent made or what percentage of the time they put money into the pot, it’s much easier to refer to the Omaha Calculator. By doing this, you’ll have a rough idea of what playing style each opponent has. From here you can use Profiling Icons to identify somebody as loose, passive, aggressive, neutral and more.

Hand Replay Options

One of the best ways to get better at Omaha is by reviewing playing sessions after the fact. And the calculator offers the perfect opportunity to do so because you can use a Hand Replayer to visually watch old hands and pick out both smart and bad moves. For those who want to go further with post-session analysis, there’s also a Mucked Hand Display where you can see what unshown cards opponents were holding during big hands.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to the Omaha Calculator and we highly recommend that you try it out! Just go here and scroll to the bottom to get the ultimate Omaha tool.