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Andrew Feldman outed as Scammer by Sam Trickett

For the most part, Sam Trickett has ran pretty good in the poker world lately. For evidence of this, you need only look at the massive pot that he won in a Macau cash game. Unfortunately, life is filled with ups and downs – even for a young, rich, highly successful poker player like Trickett. And his most recent down involves “someone” borrowing an undisclosed amount of money from him and not paying it back.

Handled with Dignity

Trickett’s saga began a few weeks ago when he left a mysterious tweet about outing another player if they didn’t pay his money back. The tweet read, “I had money stolen from me by a well known poker pro,that i thought was my friend! If he dont call me soon, I going to expose him 4 what he is.”

The UK grinder didn’t go any further than this with his accusations, but plenty of other people were willing to give their opinions. Poplar speculation was that fellow Brit Andrew Feldman was the guilty party, which would soon be revealed.

Things get Ugly

Up until a couple of days ago, the idea that Andrew Feldman borrowed money from Trickett without paying it back was merely a rumor. However, Feldman got the ball rolling by sending out the following tweet:

Fed up of constantly being linked to the #samtrickettscandal. Its been almost a month since he said he would out the thief. I wonder if he is just doing this for attention n another case of the boy who cried wolf @Samtrickett1 the poker world deserves an answer!!!

Apparently, this is the spark that Trickett needed to finally reveal the anonymous person who borrowed money and didn’t bother to pay it back. He tweeted, “not going 2 go in 2 detail but please nobody trust @Andrewfeldman1 ,the guy is a very deluded untrustworthy person.i found out the hard way.”

Feldman has never had a great reputation in the poker world to begin with. And this non-repayment issue with Sam Trickett is certainly not going to be the PR kick he needed to gain support from the poker community.