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Ted Forrest says Mike Matusow still owes him $1.8m

In 2010, Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow once made one of the biggest prop bets in history. Matusow wagered $2 million that Forrest couldn’t lose almost 50 pounds in two months ($1m if he could do it in four months). Through extreme dieting and exercise, Forrest was able to lose the weight in less than two months and win $2 million…or so it would seem.

It turns out that Matusow has been slow to pay his debt off – very slow! Forrest recently tweeted about how “The Mouth” has only paid a fraction of what he owes on $1.8 million: “@CardPlayerMedia Correcting the numbers: @themouthmatusow has payed me $70.500 of the 1.8million he owes me for the weight loss bet #4years”

One of the stipulations of the bet was that Forrest wasn’t supposed to use any weight loss drugs to complete the transformation. So Scott Matusow, Mike’s brother, tweeted back: “@ForrestTed @CardPlayerMedia @themouthmatusow wasnt part of that bet for you to submit to drug testing? Mike is weak, I’m not”

This definitely didn’t sit well with Forrest, who went on a rant that included a $50k challenge against The Mouth. Here’s a look at all of Forrest’s tweets about the $50k challenge and weight loss bet:

I earned it drug free. Your brother knows he is in the wrong we need to get together and make some kind of arrangement

Let him pay me 50k I will play him a head up Omaha 8 or better freeze out. ( his best game) if I beat him that should prove who I am!

Total freeroll for Mike all it costs him is 50k which he owes me and it costs him nothing if he beats me at his best game

I’m sorry I’m ranting like a mad man about all this. It’s just four years of frustration coming out.

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Poker Player Guy Laliberté welcomes Aliens

Maybe Guy Laliberté has watched too much Ancient Aliens on the History Channel because he’s taken it upon himself to try and summon UFOs. The Canadian billionaire and poker player has constructed a monument at his villa in Ibiza, Spain that includes 13 monoliths – the highest of which tops out at over 20 meters and has 23-carat gold at the top.

While Laliberté has yet to come out and make an official statement on the matter, locals suggests that he’s hoping to attract UFOs to his monument. Ibiza has, after all, seen some UFO sightings over the years.

Assuming any aliens do visit Laliberté, perhaps they can help him pay the massive fine that he incurred for building this structure. As reported by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the Cirque du Soleil founder was hit with a huge fine for building the monoliths without gaining government approval. However, Laliberté is quite passionate about space, given that he was one of the first people to sign up for civilian trips to outer space. So the fine was likely an acceptable cost for somebody so fascinated with space and laying claim to a $2.6 billion fortune.

The fine also can’t compare to how much money Laliberté is believed to have lost in online poker. HighStakesDB speculates that he was behind the Ibiza-based name “Esvedra,” a player who lost $2.7 million before quitting for good in the summer of 2011. Laliberté is also rumored to have lost even more through a combination of live poker and other online screen names.

However, one great thing about the Canadian’s involvement in poker is that he created the Big One for One Drop. This $1 million buy-in tournament has raised millions for his One Drop foundation, and has seen the two biggest poker tournament winners in history – Antonio Esfandiari ($18,346,673 in 2012) and Dan Colman ($15,306,668 in 2014).

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Roland de Wolfe named in £10m Poker Cheating Lawsuit

Iraj Parvizi, a Dubai-based investor, is suing London’s Les Ambassadeurs casino for £10 million over an alleged high-stakes poker cheating scandal that occurred from 2010 to 2013. And one of the most-interesting names in this lawsuit is Triple Crown winner Roland de Wolfe.

Parvizi claims that de Wolfe and another poker player named Josh Gould kept encouraging him to bet more money, only to split profits after the sessions. As for Les Ambassadeurs’ part, Parvizi alleges that their masseuses were looking at his cards and signaling them to other players.

To aid his case, the rich investor has called forth Richard Marcus, the world’s “best professional poker cheat.” Court filings have Marcus backing up Parvizi’s assertion that he was cheated by the casino, de Wolfe and Gould. One choice excerpt from the filings have Marcus saying that one session, where Parvizi lost £185,000, was “utterly corrupted by collusion on the part of Josh Gould and Roland de Wolfe. I will not even concede to a small probability that this poker game… was fair and above board.”

Les Ambassadeurs was quick to deny these allegations and says that Parvizi’s claims are “embarrassing.” The investor’s reputation is currently being tarnished by a Financial Conduct Authority case, where he’s being accused of securities frauds in a big insider-trading case.

As for de Wolfe, the poker pro was a highly recognizable face during the mid-2000s, when he played in both live tournaments and TV games. The Brit gained considerable fame for becoming one of the few players to have won poker’s Triple Crown (an EPT, WPT and WSOP title). However, de Wolfe has since disappeared from the tournament circuit, with his last cash coming in 2010. Judging from the Parvizi lawsuit, he’s now graduated to every poker player’s dream – winning millions off of rich fish.

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Molly Bloom taking Hollywood Poker Story to Hollywood

Molly Bloom is currently enjoying her journey into the world of private celebrity poker games through profits from her book deal. And Molly’s Game has definitely done well in sales, helping the “Poker Princess” make a living long after her days spent running games for Tobey Maguire have ended.

From a poker perspective, Molly’s Game isn’t going to explain how often Ben Affleck bet the flop or if Leonardo DiCaprio c-bet too often. This much was explained in a review by poker player/writer James McManus. So it becomes increasingly obvious that Bloom wrote her book for general audiences and a Hollywood deal (a la Ben Mezrich). And it appears that she might just get that deal…

In an interview with PokerNews, Bloom said that her book has created the opportunity for a potential movie or TV series. Here’s one excerpt from her interview:

It’s been pretty amazing. There’s been some really talented, high-level people that have been reaching out. I’ve been taking those meetings and trying to figure out who is the best storyteller and will really get it, because you know there is a really bad version of the story, but I think there is a smart, cool version.

Aside from mentioning a possible film/TV deal, Bloom also spoke more on some other interesting aspects of her book. For example, Phil Ivey was invited to play in Maguire’s celebrity-rich games a couple of times. As Bloom explains, it was “like letting Michael Jordan come play their home basketball game. They wanted to do that a couple times.”

However, letting famed pros play in the games wasn’t a regular occurrence. “I think maybe Phil Hellmuth played one time,” Bloom said. “These guys really didn’t welcome pros, especially Tobey. People like Rick Salomon had no problem with it. Rick likes playing with pros that give action. No one liked playing with pros that were grinders.”

Going back to the movie or TV deal, it’ll be pretty interesting to see how Hollywood would portray the story. Would Maguire be depicted as the jerk that Bloom makes him out to be? Would Ivey be included in a scene or two? Would the show mostly revolve around glitz and glamour, rather than any semblance of realistic poker action? If recent poker movies like Runner, Runner or Gutshot Straight are any indication, the answer to the last question is a definite no!

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Daniel Negreanu a Shoo-in for Hall of Fame? Hellmuth thinks so

Maybe you heard, maybe you didn’t, but the nominations for the 2014 Poker Hall of Fame were recently released. And here’s a look at the 10 nominees:

- Chris Bjorin
- Humberto Brenes
- Bruno Fitoussi
- Ted Forrest
- Jen Harman
- Bon Hooks
- Mike Matusow
- Jack McClelland
- Daniel Negreanu
- Huck Seed

Up to two players can be picked from this list of nominees, and they’ll be voted on by the 21 living HOF members and a 20-person media panel. Speculation has quickly begun on who’s getting into the Hall this year, with plenty of players being mentioned. But if there’s one name that keeps coming up across the poker media world, it is Daniel Negreanu.

After turning 40, Kid Poker now satisfies all of the requirements for entering the Poker HOF. Other requirements include playing against “acknowledged top competition,” having played for high stakes, playing “consistently well,” withstood the test of time, and (for non-players) contributed to the overall success of the game with lasting results.

But perhaps we’re missing the most important requirement of all here: gaining the approval of the Poker Brat himself, Phil Hellmuth. The 13-time WSOP champ and living HOF member explained his views via twitter. After speaking with Erik Seidel, he indicates that being voted in should be based all on merit, with age playing a less-heavy role.

Assuming age isn’t weighted so heavily, then Negreanu is practically a shoe-in based on his 20+ years in the game and numerous accomplishments. Now, here’s a look at what Hellmuth tweeted about the matter:

Talking to @Erik_Seidel about Poker Hall of Fame and we agree we need changes. The players should select the most deserving candidates

Re Poker Hall of Fame, @Erik_Seidel and I agree that @RealKidPoker is a “First ballot Hall of Famer” and I will give him 5 of my 10 votes

Other people whom Hellmuth mentioned via twitter include tournament director Jack McClelland and Ted Forrest. The three people that Hellmuth picked out are likely to be among the top vote-getters for the 1-2 HOF bids this year.

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Poker – The Secret to landing the Woman of your Dreams?

You don’t exactly see a lot of pick-up artists in the poker world. Instead, you see a lot more guys offending and annoying the few women who do play. Nevertheless, the believes that they’ve found a connection between poker and the ability to land hot ladies.

The Mirror takes a look at several poker skills that are useful on both the felt and in the dating field. I’m not sure that the parallels are exactly the same between dominating online poker opponents and picking up a girlfriend. But you can judge for yourself with three of the article’s six tips that we’ve listed below.

1. Patience

Every good poker player knows the importance of patience. It’s a virtue that all of the top players in the game possess – the art of patience.

And it’s the same when you find the woman of your dreams. She might turn you down the first time you make an advance.

But good things never come easy – when you find one you have to work hard to get her attention.

2. Decision making

Good decision-making is the very essence of poker.

With the luck element playing a part in your results, your goals have to be set through excellent judgement.

There is nothing more attractive than a man who can make a decisive decision. When they ask you a question don’t say, “I don’t care…what do you think?” Tell them what you want.

3. The stare down

Do you have a good poker face?

If you don’t you are history – good players will see right through you and tear you to shreds. Poker is one of the only times that you get a legitimate shot to stare into the very soul of a beautiful woman.

If you don’t believe us then try walking into Krispy Kreme and trying it out the next time you see a beautiful woman chewing on a doughnut. It works, you’ll see.

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CarbonPoker Adds over $500K to Monthly Tournament Guarantees

Everyone who plays poker at CarbonPoker knows that this site is one of the best out there for offering huge guaranteed prize pools in daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. With tournament fields expanding rapidly in all of these events,
Carbon has decided to reward their loyal players by boosting the prize pools in these guaranteed tournaments by over $500,000 every month. A change like this is nothing to balk at as there is even more money up for grabs in these events and Carbon is happy to do it for their players.

Overall, 60 individual tournaments have been increased and they include freeze outs, rebuys, knockouts, hyper turbos, and mixed game tournaments. This means that there is more money out there for everyone in their favorite events and regular players can find larger prize pools in multiple tournaments daily.

More specifically, the four big tournaments that take place every Sunday are getting over $20,000 bumps. This means that the Sunday Big $11 and $33 tournaments will now have $17.5K in guaranteed money, the Sunday Big $109 has jumped to $20K guaranteed and the Sunday Super High Roller is up to $50K in guaranteed money. So many players love to end their week with these great events and with more money up for grabs, these four Sunday tournaments have become must-play events.

For those of you that find time to play these guaranteed events during the week, you’ll be pleased to know that the daily Night Owl tournaments (taking place every night at 00:00 server time) have all been bumped up by $2000 for a total of $9800 in guaranteed prizes. The Early Bird events that start at 12:00 server time every day have been increased by over $7,500, and the tiro of 21:15 tournaments – the 6-Max Deep events with buy-ins of $11, $60 and $109 – have all been increased to $5000 apiece in guaranteed prize pools.

With all this new money up for grabs, you’d be foolish not to try and find time to plays some of these events. Taking down or even final tabling a tournament loaded with cash is what every player is looking for to pad their bankrolls and with Carbon boosting up all of these events it gives Carbon Poker players plenty of opportunities to do so.


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ESPN President adds Fuel to Debate over Poker as a Sport

Last month, a Reddit Poll gained some attention when it showed that poker ranks below all other “fringe games” with regard to what’s considered a sport. Even darts, competitive video gaming (e-sports) and chess ranked well ahead of poker in the sports debate.

Well it’s doubtful that the poker world is overly offended by the general public’s refusal to acknowledge them as athletes. After all, most of the game’s physicality comes from stacking your chips, flipping mucked cards to the dealer, and clicking a mouse online. But it seems that somebody from another fringe game is offended about how they’re perceived – and poker got dragged into the mix.

An article at takes offense at recent comments by ESPN’s President, John Skipper, over how he doesn’t consider e-sports to really exemplify sports. Here’s an excerpt from Jeffrey Grubb’s article at VentureSports:

John Skipper, the big boss over at ESPN, spoke with website Recode as part of the tech site’s conference on media. When asked to give his thoughts about the massive Web retailer Amazon plunking down $970 million in cash to purchase the gameplay video-streaming site Twitch, Skipper was quick to dismiss Dota 2, League of Legends, and the rest of the e-sports scene that draws massive viewership on Twitch and other sites.

“It’s not a sport — it’s a competition,” said Skipper. “Chess is a competition. Checkers is a competition. Mostly, I’m interested in doing real sports.”

Fans of e-sports will probably take issue with that sentiment — especially since includes “poker” on the list of sports that it covers.

Grubb goes on to explain that ESPN has covered everything from cup stacking to Scrabble in the past, but they are less keen on e-sports. His problem is less about wanting video gaming to be a considered a sport, and more about Skipper’s statement on being interested in “real sports.”

Whatever the case may be, we in the poker world are just happy that our game has fallen under Skipper’s ambiguous definition of fringe games that he’s willing to run on ESPN. After all, the game wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it is today without televised WSOP coverage.

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Esfandiari and Laak’s Discovery Channel Show “Underground Poker” debuts Sept. 10th

Looking for a poker TV show that has less to do with the actual game and analyzing players’ 3-bet ranges, and more to do with entertainment? Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak’s new show Underground Poker sounds like it will be exactly that.

Debuting this Wednesday, Sept. 10 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel, Underground Poker is centered on Esfandiari and Laak’s mission to find private poker games in different cities. Here’s a quick synopsis of the first episode:

Two poker legends and best friends, Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari, travel to the Big Easy looking for the perfect game – Cards, gumbo, booze, and voodoo… and a recluse named Neighborscheig.

According to Esfandiari, they’ve only done one show so far. However, if this pilot does well, then the plan is to shoot more episodes and make Underground Poker a much bigger deal. The 2012 Big One for One Drop champion explained more on the show’s premise to PokerNews.

“Real poker games, none of the poker is staged,” Esfandiari said. “We’re finding real games and we’re trying to get in them. There’s a little bit of banter between me and Phil, because you know that’s kind of our characters. At the same time we’re trying to get into these games, so we’re meeting interesting people along the way.”

Another topic that Esfandiari discussed is how the idea for Underground Poker got started. When he and Laak were doing a cameo for the movie Runner, Runner, they befriended a producer named Jennifer Killoran. She thought that the poker pair was hilarious and told them that they needed their own show. So Killoran used her connections and Underground Poker was born.

What began as a 5-minute teaser spawned into a full-blown pilot. The first episode was shot in New Orleans in August of 2013. If successful, Discovery Channel viewers will get to see more adventures from Laak and Esfandiari in different cities. So fans of poker programming should keep their fingers crossed and tune in this Wednesday for the pilot.

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Freeroll your way to Super Bowl XLIX through Carbon

The 2014 NFL regular season has officially kicked off with the Seattle Seahawks’ 36-16 dismantling of the Green Bay Packers. The defending champion Seahawks definitely look like a good bet to return to the Super Bowl! But then again, the NFL is a long grind so it’ll be interesting to see if they can get back.

Regardless of who plays in Super Bowl XLIX, we’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t mind seeing the world’s biggest football game for free. That said, you’ll definitely want to read the following on how you can freeroll to the Super Bowl.

How to get started

Visit your Player Admin area and look for the “Game of the Day,” which is always the Monday Night Football game. If you correctly pick the winner, then you’ll gain entry into a Tuesday night freeroll.

From here, your goal is to finish in the top three spots of the Tuesday night freeroll. This earns you a spot in the final freeroll on Sunday, December 28th. The winner of this event will be collecting Super Bowl XLIX tickets and $1,500 in cash.

Other Prizes

Even if you don’t win the ultimate Super Bowl prize package to Arizona, you can still earn some nice prizes through this promotion. Anybody who finishes in the top 25 of a Tuesday night freeroll will collect a $10 free bet.

There’s no limit to how many Tuesday freerolls you can play in, so keep trying to pick those Monday Night Football winners. And every time that you finish within the top three, 1,500 chips will be added to your starting stack for the grand prize freeroll.

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