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Mark Newhouse wants Anything but Ninth in 2014 WSOP Main Event

For anybody going into the WSOP Main Event, taking ninth place and grabbing a $733,224 prize sounds like a dream. But for a skilled poker pro who’s already went through all of the hoopla surrounding the November Nine, things can be a different story.

Mark Newhouse lived the ninth-place reality last year. Originally, the Chapel Hill, NC native didn’t think he’d have a problem being the first one off the 2013 Main Event final table. This was especially the case when you figure that he only had the eighth largest starting chip stack. But when it happened, Newhouse was rather devastated.

“I’m looking forward to not finishing ninth,” Newhouse joked with USA Today. “Ninth is brutal, man. Coming back four months later and getting no money. I told myself I wouldn’t be disappointed, and whatever happens happens, but it was very, very disappointing…Anything but ninth.”

As has often been discussed leading up to this point, Newhouse is back in the November Nine after making the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table. It seems like a near-impossible scenario, given that he had to run through fields of 6,352 players last year and 6,683 players this year. Nevertheless, Newhouse has completed the accomplishment and will be part of the 2014 November Nine when they meet on Nov. 10th and 11th.

Based on the health of his chip stack – currently ranked third with 26 million chips – and his final table experience, Newhouse has as good a shot as anybody of winning the $10 million first-place prize. So the ninth-place-aphobia that he’s currently feeling may be worth putting behind him now. Newhouse has a very legitimate chance to win, provided the cards aren’t unkind to him like we saw with JC Tran last year. And even if he doesn’t win, Newhouse will likely take down a giant payout worth between $1.6 million and $5.1 million.

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Foosball Champ Billy Pappas looking for WSOP Main Event Glory

In terms of poker accomplishments, William Pappaconstantinou (a.k.a. Billy Pappas) is one of the more unheralded members of the 2014 November Nine. For starters, he’d never even played in a poker tournament with more than a $500 buy-in. And while Pappas has cashed in 20 different tournaments, none of these scores have been significant enough to bring him much poker recognition. So why then is the 29-year-old one of the most talked-about players going into the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table?

Well this would all have to do with his foosball abilities. Pappas is a 12-time foosball world champion and has become one of the game’s all-time legends. Okay, so being a foosball legend doesn’t exactly put you on par with LeBron James or Ronaldo. But it’s still impressive that the foosball champ has found fame in a totally different game.

Currently, Pappas is sixth in chips out of the remaining nine players with 17.5 million. Given that his chip stack isn’t towards the top nor is he one of the more-skilled players left, Pappas doesn’t seem like a good bet to win the Main Event. However, just the fact that the self-described recreational player is here is amazing.

Pappas wasn’t expecting to play the 2014 Main Event this year. He’d traveled from Europe to Canada to train a foosball player and friend. And this person ended up fronting Pappas’ $10,000 buy-in to the Main Event. What ensued was a fantastic run through a 6,683-player field and on to the 2014 November Nine.

Now he has a shot to win the $10 million prize that goes to the winner. Even in the worst-case scenario, Pappas is due a ninth-place payout worth $730,725. Seeing as how he’s the only amateur left among the November Nine, it’ll be interesting to see how Pappas’ amazing Main Event ride ends. We’ll find out when the 2014 Main Event final table meets on November 10th.

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2014 WSOP Main Event Final Table set

Last night, the remaining 27 players battled to determine who’d be on the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table. Most of the big-name pros and bracelet winners fell by the wayside as Bryan Devonshire (25th, $286,900), Leif Force (21st, $286,900), Dan Smith (20th, $286,900), Scott Palmer (19th, $286,900), Craig McCorkell (13th, $441,990) and Luis Velador (10th, $565,193) all missed out on the final table.

But that’s not to say the 2014 November Nine is totally void of any notable players. Mark Newhouse completed an impressive accomplishment by becoming the only player to make the November Nine twice. He was the first one to bust out on last year’s final table, earning $733,224 for the ninth-place finish. But he’ll no doubt be looking for more this time around since he’s third in chips with 26,000,000.

Martin Jacobson is the other name here that immediately jumps out. The Swede has built a very impressive career out of second and third-place finishes in major EPT and WPT events. Now, he’s looking for some WSOP glory as a member of the 2014 November Nine. Jacobson needs to get off to a hot start when the final table meets on November 10th, though, because he’s only eighth in chips with 14,900,000.

One amateur who everybody will be keeping tabs on is Billy Pappaconstantinou (Pappas). The 29-year-old has won the US foosball championship five times and is one of the game’s all-time greats. He also happens to be a recreational poker player and felt like giving the Main Event a try this year. Now Pappas is ranked sixth and chips (17,500,000) and eyeing a prize that’s much larger than anything he’s ever competed for in foosball.

There are plenty more interesting stories from this year’s November Nine group, including the fact that six different countries placed representatives on the final table. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing all of these players in depth along with their unique stories. Speaking of the players, here’s a look at everybody who’ll be playing for the $10 million top prize along with their chip counts.

2014 WSOP Main Event Final Table Chip Counts
1. Jorryt van Hoof (Netherlands) – 38,375,000
2. Felix Stephensen (Norway) – 32,775,000
3. Mark Newhouse (USA) – 26,000,000
4. Andoni Larrabe (Spain) – 22,550,000
5. Dan Sindelar (USA) – 21,200,000
6. William Pappaconstantinou (USA) – 17,500,000
7. William Tonking (USA) – 15,050,000
8. Martin Jacobson (Sweden) – 14,900,000
9. Bruno Politano (Brazil) – 12,125,000

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2014 WSOP Main Event Day 7: Jacobson opens with Lead

There’s never been a Swedish WSOP Main Event champion. This being said, it’s quite interesting that Martin Jacobson is opening with the chip lead on the final day before the November Nine is determined.

With 79 players left to start yesterday, Jacobson gradually worked his way up the chip count and really put on a flurry towards the end of Day 6. He finished the day with 22,335,000 chips – well ahead of the next closest competitor, Luis Velador (16.6 million). But if the Main Event has taught us anything in the past, it’s that Jacobson will still have a fight on his hands in regard to making the final table. There are 27 players left and only a third of them will make the cut.

One interesting thing about the remaining 27 players who’ve survived up until this point is how many different countries are represented. Brazil, England, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Russia, Netherlands and USA will all be battling for spots in the November Nine. It’s almost like a mini-world cup of poker.

Another point worth making here is how “King” Dan Smith has hung around the top 10 throughout the past few days of the 2014 WSOP Main Event. With over $8.2 million in live tournament winnings, Smith is no doubt one of the most feared players left in the field. Ditto for Mark Newhouse, who had the chip lead starting out yesterday, and finished outside the top 10 going into today. Newhouse is still clinging to the goal of becoming the first two-time November Niner, as he made the final table last year too.

The Main Event is always an unpredictable affair, so even those who’ve stacked lots of chips up until now are subject to anything. But as it stands at the start of Day 7, here are the top 10 chip counts:

1. Martin Jacobson – 22,335,000
2. Luis Velador – 16,600,000
3. Dan Sindelar – 16,345,000
4. William Pappaconstantinou – 15,640,000
5. Andoni Larrabe – 15,280,000
6. Bruno Politano – 11,625,000
7. Dan Smith – 10,335,000
8. Craig McCorkell – 8,765,000
9. Felix Stephensen – 7,740,000
10. Andrey Zaichenko – 7,335,000

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2014 WSOP Main Event Day 5: Mark Newhouse in a Familiar Position

While every poker pro experiences the rollercoaster ride of variance, few have had quite the highs and lows of Mark Newhouse. After winning the 2006 Borgata Poker Open and $1.52 million in his early 20s, Newhouse’s career headed straight downward after he lost focus and didn’t perform well in high stakes cash games. But he never gave up on the game and continued grinding his bankroll back up, ultimately culminating in a 2013 November Nine appearance.

He’s back once again and looking to make history by becoming the first two-time November Niner. With just 79 players left of the original 6,683-player starting field, Newhouse leads with 7.4 million chips. He began Day 5 in of the 2014 WSOP Main Event in 27th place, but battled his way to the top of the leaderboard.

Another famous pro who’s looking pretty good in the 2014 Main Event right now is Dan Smith. The tournament grinder was in the top 10 before the fifth day started and furthered his position by finishing with 5.36 million chips (6th place). Gold bracelet winner Leif Force is also hunting for a November Nine spot as he’s currently in 10th place with 4.75 million chips.

Another interesting story here is Maria Ho, who’s earned her second “Last Woman Standing” title since every other woman has been knocked out. Ho doesn’t really seem too interested in this honor, though, as she’s got her sights set on the final table. Assuming Ho can make it, she would be the first lady ever in the November Nine. Galle Bauman was agonizingly close last year, but busted out in 10th place. Below you can take a look at who’s in the top 10 of the chip count heading into Day 6 of the 2014 WSOP Main Event:

1. Mark Newhouse – 7,400,000
2. Kyle Keranen – 6,670,000
3. Scott Palmer – 6,595,000
4. Bruno Politano – 5,475,000
5. Andoni Larrabe – 5,470,000
6. Dan Smith – 5,360,000
7. Dan Sindelar – 5,240,000
8. Tony Ruberto – 5,235,000
9. Iaron Lightbourne – 4,975,000
10. Leif Force – 4,745,000

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2014 WSOP Main Event Day 3: Andrew Liporace leads, Ivey stays alive

The big news after the second day of the 2014 WSOP Main Event was that Phil Ivey was leading the field. Fresh off winning his 10th gold bracelet in an Eight Game Mix tournament, Ivey was standing atop the chip count with 1,871 Main Event runners remaining. So would his good fortune continue on the third day?

It took only half an hour before the king fell off his throne, with Isaac Baron ascending to the top. Baron stayed here for a while, however, it was Andrew Liporace (1.13m chips) who’d end Day 3 of the Main Event with the lead. In all, 746 players survived and will play towards the money bubble, which is set to burst today.

Ivey was one of the survivors, and he’s still sitting in a pretty decent spot with 522,500 chips (72nd overall). Some big names who are near the top include Dan Smith (817k chips, 14th), John Kabbaj (780k chips, 20th), Ali Eslami (770k chips, 21st), Kenny Tran (728.5k chips, 27th) and Martin Jacobson (721.5k chips, 28th).

Some of those who saw their Main Event title dreams end yesterday include Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, John Hennigan, Erik Seidel, Matt Matros, Johnny Chan, Marvin Rettenmaier, Chris Moneymaker, Ryan Riess and NBA star Paul Pierce.

The fourth day of the Main Event has just kicked off, so it will no doubt be interesting to see who stays alive until the end of Day 4. Here’s your top 10 going into the fourth day:

1. Andrew Liporace – 1,128,000
2. Mehrdad Yousefzadeh – 1,124,000
3. Raul Mestre – 988,500
4. Jesse Wilke – 975,500
5. Scott Blackman – 935,000
6. Andoni Larrabe – 923,000
7. Stephen Graner – 911,000
8. Per Karlsson – 891,500
9. Rasmus Larsen – 883,000
10. Roman Valerstein – 850,000

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2014 WSOP Main Event Day 2: Moneymaker doing well, Madsen looking to Hellmuth

The 2014 WSOP Main Event now has almost two days in the books, with Day 2c going on right now. In case you’re wondering what the big news was regarding the first two flights of Day 2, here are a couple of interesting stories.

Chris Moneymaker looking Strong

Serving as somewhat of the anti-Dan Colman, 2003 Main Event champ Chris Moneymaker has definitely done his part to make both live and online poker grow. And he’s certainly been growing his chip stack so far during the Main Event, ending the second day with over 220,000 chips. As good an ambassador as Moneymaker’s been for poker, there will no doubt be plenty of people rooting for him over the next few days.

Jeff Madsen channeling Portrait Power of Phil Hellmuth

Although he’s a three-time WSOP champion with $4.5 million in live tournament winnings, Jeff Madsen has never had much luck in the WSOP Main Event. So he’s looking to change all of this by bringing a signed 8-by-10 glossy of Phil Hellmuth to the tables with him. And while the Poker Brat may not have won a gold bracelet this summer, he’s the most successful player in WSOP history, so maybe his sheer picture can bring Madsen some luck. Here’s a look at what the latter tweeted:

My Hellmuth portrait has catapulted me to 120k, basically I’m asking it advice mid hand. Basically Hellmuth Portrait is my spiritual guide

Finished day 2 of WSOP main with 217k. Here’s me and Hellmuth Portrait posing in front of Hellmuth…

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Dan Colman: Poker Villain or Admirable Champion?

Dan Colman certainly wasn’t trying to win any friends after he captured the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop title and $15.3 million last week. The 24-year-old was out the door shortly following his heads-up victory over Daniel Negreanu, refusing to speak to the media or give his thoughts on the tournament. As we later found out through his TwoPlusTwo post, Colman doesn’t believe in promoting poker because he thinks that the game preys on people’s impulses.

It’s a fair enough opinion, but one that when presented by the new Big One champion, comes off as angry, hypocritical and very anti-poker. This was the underlying thought in a recent Bloomberg View column by author James McMamus, where he presents both sides of the matter. As McNamus explains, the reaction to Colman’s views were polarized with pros being on both sides of the fence.

For example, high stakes pro David “Viffer” Peat enthusiastically supported the $15.3 million poker champ for not doing interviews. Peat tweeted “hats off” to Colman while bashing the Rio because “they are predators taking enough from poker.”

Daniel Negreanu, who earned $8.3 million for finishing runner-up in the Big One, presented a two-sided view. “I respect Daniel Colman for having empathy for those people that may be jaded into thinking they can easily become a poker superstar and make millions,” he wrote. But Negreanu also questioned Colman’s actions by writing the following:

You don’t owe poker anything, sure, but poker has given you a lot. The camera crew filming the event, the dealers, floor staff, Caesars, the WSOP, ESPN, for giving you an opportunity to support yourself, the players that came before you and did spend time promoting a game you would have likely never heard about. You don’t owe poker, or me personally anything, much like when a waitress brings your order, you don’t owe her a tip or even a thank you. It’s just a gracious custom, much like doing a winner’s interview.

Going back to McManus, he summed up his views by writing that charity poker tournaments have long been used as an effective means of generating money for the less fortune. However, Colman didn’t help the cause of these tourneys with his actions. McManus added, “Grownups lose money in a thousand different kinds of investments. Understanding that going in is part of being a grownup.”

One could commend Colman for sticking to his ideals despite the impending backlash from the poker community. But on the other hand, it really seems like he could’ve picked a better stage to express his views, other than a poker tournament that just raised $4.6 million for clean drinking water in impoverished countries.

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Igor Dubinskyy wins Little One for One Drop and $637,539

The $1,111 buy-in Little One for One Drop was once again a huge hit at the WSOP. 4,496 players bought into the tourney, creating a $4,046,400 prize pool and raising $499,056 for charity.

Igor Dubinskyy was able to battle through the huge field to win his first gold bracelet and a $637,539 payout. The Ukrainian had nothing but gratitude to express after winning the 2014 Little One. “I am very glad to win,” Dubinskyy said. “I am very excited to win. I am especially glad to win because this is a charity event. I do not have the right words to express my feelings about winning. I want to thank the organizers of this event and the charity for making it all possible, plus all of my friends who are here.”

Before winning the Little One, Dubinskyy’s poker resume was a little thin. His most glorious cash came at the 2013 WSOP Main Event, where he finished 192nd and earned $42,990. He’s also collected over a dozen small cashes in tournaments around Eastern Europe. Now, Dubinskyy has over $760k in tourney winnings.

Dubinskyy’s heads-up opponent, Ted Driscoll, started their encounter with the chip lead. Driscoll may have lost this chip lead and the heads-up match, however, he can’t be too discouraged about his $394,281 runner-up prize. The 52-year-old filmmaker, who’s best know for his documentaries on PBS, can now boast of another big accomplishment.

One more noteworthy player who made it far in this event is Eric Baldwin. The former collegiate baseball player won a gold bracelet in 2009, but he finished just short of adding another piece of hardware here, ultimately settling for fifth place and $156,352.

2014 WSOP Event #62 $1,111 Little One for One Drop Final Table
1. Igor Dubinskyy – $637,539
2. Ted Driscoll – $394,281
3. Brandon Eisen – $283,895
4. Shai Zurr – $209,805
5. Eric Baldwin – $156,352
6. Jackduyph Duong – $117,507
7. Matthew Lapossie – $89,020
8. Vimy Ha – $68,019
9. Bao Nguyen – $52,400

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Carbon holding $25k Dollar Frenzy on July 27th

How would you like to play in a $25,000 poker tournament for just $1.10? Assuming you’re one of the many online poker players who’d like to see a massive return on their dollar investment, then you should definitely mark July 27th, 2014 on your calendar. That’s because Carbon Poker will be holding their Dollar Frenzy tournament on this date.

Like the name implies, all you need to do to compete for a $25k prize pool is pay your $1.10 buy-in and be on time. This is an easy and cheap way for low rollers to play for big prize money. So if you’re interested, keep the following details in mind and also read on to see how you can take advantage of a big reload bonus offer.

Tournament Name: $25,000 Dollar Frenzy
Date: Sunday, July 27th, 2014
Time: 16:00 Server Time
Buy-in: $1.10 Cash or Entry Coupon
Tab Location: Tournaments > Special/Regular

Reload Bonus and Free Ticket

From now until July 27th ( 11:59 server time), you can collect a 50% up to $500 reload bonus. Just make a minimum deposit of $35 or more and enter the “FRENZYPK” code to collect your bonus. In addition to being eligible for the reload bonus, you’ll also receive a free ticket to the $25k Dollar Frenzy tournament.

As for unlocking your bonus, you must earn 150 VIP points for every dollar of the bonus. It only takes $1 of cash or tournament rake to generate 10 VIP points, so frequent players will be able to unlock their free money pretty quickly. Just keep in mind that you have 60 days from the time of depositing to earn all of your bonus money.

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