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Gear up for the $25k Finish Line Freeroll in September

Roll up to the starting line at Carbon Poker in early September. Beginning Monday, September 1st, we’re running the ultimate poker endurance race throughout the entire month. If you can survive the test, you’ll earn a spot in the $25,000 Finish Line Freeroll. Now keep reading to find out how to enter this massive poker freeroll.

How to win your Ticket

Every day in September, there will be a target points goal. As long as you earn enough Player Points to hit the goal, you’ll remain alive for the freeroll. The daily goal starts at 10 points and increases by 5 every week. So from Sept. 1st – 7th, you need to hit 10 points to reach the goals; from Sept. 8th – 14th, the target increases to 15 points. To see the full list of points targets, check this out.

One big thing to keep in mind here is that you can miss the goal on up to 5 days and still get a $25k freeroll ticket. But be careful; if you miss a sixth day, then your chances of earning a piece of this giant prize pool vanish!

Full Details of the Finish Line Freeroll

Anybody who makes it through the first 27 days of September while missing five days or less will earn a ticket to the Sept. 28th Finish Line Freeroll:

Freeroll Name: $25,000 Finish Line Freeroll
Date: Monday, September 29th, 2014
Time: 21:00 Server Time
Buy-In: Entry Coupon
Tab Location: Tournaments > Special/Regular

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Carbon has Extra $50k in Double Up Tournaments on Sept. 1st

Looking for something to do this Labor Day? Carbon Poker has the perfect answer for what to do on Monday, September 1st – Double Up poker tournaments!

These events give you the opportunity to play your favorite guaranteed tourneys twice, and at the same time. So if you’re into multi-tabling, this presents the perfect chance to boost your winnings big time.

For example, the $20k Nightly High Roller will be running twice at 18:00 server time. All in all, tomorrow will feature over $50,000 in ADDITIONAL prize pool money.

To find these tournaments, visit the Carbon Poker software and check the Tournaments > Regular tabs. The Double Up events will all be highlighted in blue. Now that we’ve discussed the special tourneys that’ll be running on Sept. 1st, Labor Day, let’s look at the full schedule below (all server times):

7:00 - $400 Gtd, NLHE, $5.50 buy-in
7:30 – $300 Gtd, PLO H/L, $5.50 buy-in
9:00 – $250 Gtd, NLHE [+R, Turbo], $2.20 buy-in
10:00 – $1K Gtd, NLHE, $11 buy-in
10:45 – $100 Gtd, NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $2.20 buy-in
11:30 – $500 Gtd, NLHE [Knockout], $5.50 buy-in
12:00 – Early Bird Micro $250 Gtd, NLHE [Deep], $2.20 buy-in
12:00 – Early Bird $11, $1.5K Gtd [Deep], $11 buy-in
12:00 – Early Bird $33, $1.5K Gtd [Deep], $33 buy-in
12:30 – $500 Gtd, PLO H/L, $5.50 buy-in
14:00 – $400 Gtd, NLHE [Turbo, Deep], $2.20 buy-in
14:45 – $150 Gtd, PLO, $2.20 buy-in
15:00 – $500 Gtd, NLHE, $5.50 buy-in
15:00 – $1.5K Gtd, NLHE [6-Max], $11 buy-in
15:00 – $2K Gtd, NLHE, $33 buy-in
16:00 – $750 Gtd, PLO H/L [+R, Turbo], $5.50 buy-in
16:00 – $750 Gtd, NLHE [Knockout], $5.50 buy-in
17:00 – $3K Gtd, NLHE [6-Max], $33 buy-in
18:00 – Nightly $11, $7.5K Gtd, NLHE [Deep], $11 buy-in
18:00 – Nightly High Roller – $20K Gtd, NLHE [Super Deep], $215 buy-in
19:00 – Nightly $109 – $7.5K Gtd, NLHE [Deep], $109 buy-in

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Couple wins $2.4m Slots Jackpot that hasn’t been hit in 20 Years

Some of the bigger progressive slots jackpots can take a while to hit. But 20 years? That seems a little ridiculous. Nevertheless, this is exactly how long it took for somebody to finally nail the Lion’s Share progressive jackpot at MGM Grand.

Once part of a network of linked machines, the Lion’s Share machine is somewhat of a relic in the modern gaming world. This simple, 3-reel game went forever without being cracked…that is until Walter and Linda Misco finally won a $2.4 million jackpot.

The couple’s story began when they wanted to play Lion’s Share, only to see that there was a line of five people waiting. So they went and did a very Las Vegas thing by watching Criss Angel perform. When they came back, the popular machine was empty and they pumped $100 into Lion’s Share before receiving their $2.4 million windfall.

Walter Misco told a reporter, “I had seen a story about the machine online and my wife and I walked by the machine when we arrived. She said ‘You have to play this machine and win on this machine.’ So I was just following orders from the boss.”

Initially, the 66-year-old “wasn’t absolutely convinced” that he and his wife had won. However, casino officials were later able to confirm the massive prize, which prompted the couple to immediately call their daughter. “She was a little unnerved when my wife called because calls at 3 a.m. are usually not good news,” Walter said. “I ruined her day because she didn’t go back to sleep.”

The couple has no concrete plans for how to spend their money. However, Mr. Misco did add that a good chunk will be going to the tax collectors. Assuming you’d like to win big like the Misco’s, then check out our progressive slots at Carbon Casino. And we promise you that it won’t take 20 years for our progressive games to deliver jackpots!

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Does Modern Poker TV Completely Miss the Mark?

Many twitter discussions from poker players this year stem from Joe Hachem’s controversial rant at the beginning of 2014. Hachem’s main message was that poker is dying because pros aren’t doing enough to keep recreational players interested.

This eventually prompted Daniel Negreanu to bring up how poker TV shows could do more to entertain the average viewer. Of course, there was plenty of backlash from pros like Ike Haxton, who tweeted the following to Negreanu in February:

@RealKidPoker Poker lends itself to serious analysis on TV even more so because so many fans of the game play poker competitively themselves

@RealKidPoker Furthermore it’s insulting to the viewers to assume that they can’t or don’t want to understand the real mechanics of the game

@RealKidPoker More serious doesn’t have to mean less fun. TV commentary can be sophisticated while still being lighthearted and entertaining

Okay, so Haxton’s point about making poker television both technical and entertaining is certainly valid. But have we gone too far to the strategy side while ignoring the colorful characters and cowboy hats that made poker TV so popular during the Boom years? Whatever has changed, it certainly doesn’t appeal to mainstream audiences as much. And while pros and semi-pros are still tuning in, those casual players who bring forth their deposit money aren’t.

Steve Ruddock wrote a good piece about this matter called Televised poker is focused on the wrong target audience. As the title suggests, Ruddock dives into how much emphasis poker television commentary puts on the game’s actual strategy and expected value. The end result of this mathematical, technical approach is that new players end up feeling stupid and not good enough. Here’s one excerpt from Ruddock’s piece:

Unfortunately, these players have stopped watching televised poker, which I can confirm anecdotally as well as by looking at ratings for televised poker shows over the years.

Somewhere along the way this mainstream appeal was lost, and as less people tuned in to televised poker shows these poker tours and production teams looked to new tactics to boost ratings. Unfortunately, what they settled on was to follow the marketing strategies of online poker sites: Appeal to your core customer.

With its nuanced commentary, educational segments, and a new emphasis on right and wrong plays, they managed to make the broadcasts more appealing to people like me, but at the same time casual players have decided to tune the game out.

There’s nothing totally wrong with appealing to the core customer group of modern poker shows by talking strategy. However, Ruddock also makes some great points about how poker programming has lost the magic that once appealed to everyday people. Will we ever get this magic back? Ruddock doesn’t think it’s too late, however, he preaches that we need to think about the following two things regarding typical amateurs:

- The game is fun and the mood is light.
- What he isn’t playing, or watching poker TV for is to learn proper bet-sizing and optimal resteal frequency.

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McManus Review calls Bluff on Poker Princess’ Book

While Molly Bloom may not be hosting poker games for Hollywood’s elite any longer, she has spun her experiences into a sweet book deal. The Poker Princess’ book – Molly’s Game: From Hollywood’s Elite to Wall Street’s Billionaire Boys Club, My High-Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker. – dives into a fascinating world where Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez, Dan Bilzerian and more take part in wild poker nights. But if you’re looking for anything beyond celebrity gossip, like actual poker talk, you’ll be reading the wrong book.

At least this is what noted poker writer James McManus implies in his review at Bloomberg. McManus knows the game, which is why it really irks him when Bloom writes that every player except for Maguire and Houston were “blind action.” Of course, it’s even harder for him to believe when capable players like Rick Salomon and Gabe Kaplan were among this group that supposedly shoved stacks without checking their cards. Some of the other cringe-worthy things that McManus points out in his review include:

- Bloom railing against Maguire being in “really bad tastes” for encouraging another player to fold when he was bluffing.

- The Poker Princess complaining about Maguire maneuvering her out of a job for which she made over $4 million a year to be a glorified “party planner.”

- Unbelievable (possibly fake) stories, such as Bloom going 95 mph on Sunset Boulevard by a cop, yet not getting arrested due to her status.

If you’d like to see McManus pick apart more of Molly’s Game, you should definitely check out the review, which also dives into Bloom’s misguided description of her role, unfavorable comparisons to author Ben Mezrich and lying about Kaplan being a smoker.

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New York Post looks at “Sleazy” World of Poker

For decades, poker held the reputation of being a gambler’s game full of card sharps, old casino hacks, alcoholics and fat guys in Hawaiian shirts. Whether this was deserved or not is all a matter of opinion. But these days, it seems like poker has moved past the smokey, whiskey-drinking, degenerate lifestyle that it once portrayed….or has it?

Not according to the New York Post, which recently ran an article called Inside the Sleazy World of Professional Poker. The piece begins by claiming that poker’s most-identifiable traits are Dan Bilzerian, “cigar-chomping Italians,” and the “smooth-talking suaveness of Daniel Craig’s James Bond.” I personally go with guys playing poker in their basement or the WSOP for my first thoughts on poker, but okay…

The NY Post article continues by describing a 30-year-old pro from Sydney named “Dave.” This mysterious Dave guy admits to playing with some shady characters, including “Frenchie,” who was busted for selling fake World Cup tickets. This is a reference to a little-known poker player named Alain Barataud, who has just $18,523 in live winnings.

Dave goes on to explain that, “A lot of the players have disreputable histories.” He also adds that many famous players just scam people for money while making a reference to how people were using Full Tilt as a bank account pre-Black Friday.

The article isn’t all garbage, though, as it explains what a typical poker pro can expect to earn. Dave makes anywhere from $50,000 to well over six figures a year, adding that he’ll “win or lose between $1500 to $2000 a day.” The Aussie also dispenses some poker advice by saying, “While there is a luck factor — over a week it might be 50-50, but over a month it’s like 10 per cent luck — there is definitely skill involved. You’re looking to find good spots to put your money in, and be able to recognize bad spots.”

If you’re looking for another mainstream view of poker, with a little advice from a pro, make sure to check out the New York Post article. Of course, you’ll probably be taking most of it with a grain of salt, though.

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How not to Creep Out Female Poker Players

Maybe it’s the fact that poker has largely been a male-dominated game for decades, maybe it’s that some pros spend countless hours checking out virtual women on their laptops….but for whatever reason, certain guys just don’t know how to act around ladies at the poker table.

Elena “The Groupie” Stover can attest to this firsthand. Some might argue that a nickname like The Groupie gives them the greenlight to be sexist and creepy towards Stover. But the modern evolution of the game, where more and more women are playing, would suggest otherwise. So if you want to get on board with poker’s changing landscape, then you should definitely read Stover’s tips on how to behave around female rounders.

In this post, she discusses five tips can help you avoid being a poker pervert. So if you’ve ever called a female player ‘honey, sugar or sweetheart’ or insist on buying them a drink, this is definitely worth a read – or maybe you just want to make fun of those who do along with Stover. In any case, I’ll let you check out the article yourself, but not before offering my favorite tip from the article:

3. Excessive flirting and attention

As I just mentioned, a girl sitting down at a poker table is not there because she’s looking for a speed date with eight eligible bachelors. She is there for the same reason as you are: she enjoys a competitive card game. Don’t immediately start flirting or making comments about her appearance, outfit, hair, etc, unless it’s the same kind of comment you would make to a man. You may think you are giving her compliments and that she should be flattered, but in reality you have no idea if this woman wants this kind of sexually-charged attention (she usually doesn’t).

Also, please don’t continually compliment her on her play or act surprised and impressed whenever she wins a hand. One of the more irritating things I experience at the tables is when men start out assuming that I must be bad at poker, then become astonished that wow maybe I can play poker, then begin commenting on every single hand I play. This draws extra attention and scrutiny to my every move – as if I wasn’t saddled with enough unwanted attention simply for being female!

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Daniel Negreanu declines Prop Bet because his “Life is So Awesome”

Over the past week or so, there’s been a debate brewing between Daniel Negreanu and the high stakes online poker community. Long story short, after many tweets, Negreanu told twitter followers that he could re-learn to beat $25/$50 NL Hold’em 6-max online if given two weeks to play and study. Here’s a look at the money tweet:

I couldn’t be any more serious. 2 weeks. 5 hours playing, 4 hours studying numbers daily. Would bet a million.

Naturally there are some skeptics out there who think otherwise – especially those who’ve worked hard to beat 25/50 cash games and above. Famed pro Doug “WCGRider” Polk is among the skeptics, and he went so far as to inquire about the million-dollar prop bet.

“I think it’s something that he said he could do if he set his mind to it – and he said he’d bet a million.” Polk told PokerNews. “But then it kind of became apparent that he wasn’t really interested in doing it. Basically he said that he doesn’t want to have to leave, go abroad for two months, because his life is already so awesome.”

Polk added that, “realistically,” he doesn’t think Negreanu beating 25/50 cash games in a short time frame is possible. He also feels like Kid Poker isn’t truly taking into account how hard it is to become a great high stakes online pro these days.

Another point Polk made is that he’s been playing 6-max high stakes games for the past year. And his win rate is about 1.5bb per hour. Given the bumhunting nature of the big games, where there are 4-5 regs and one fish at the table, he doesn’t see Negreanu jumping right into the action and winning.

Polk finished by saying that if he and Negreanu could agree on some “reasonable terms,” he’d still be up for the prop bet. The only question is, though, if Kid Poker can step away from his already posh life to accept the challenge.

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Chess, Darts considered “Sports” over Poker

Even those who play poker can’t decide whether or not to call it a sport. After all, the most physical activity you get involves picking up chips, holding cards and constantly shifting in chairs to avoid lower back pain during tournaments. But is this enough to classify it as a sport?

According to a recent Reddit poll, only about 10% of people consider poker a sport. Of course, more-physical “fringe” games like boxing, water polo, track, swimming and cycling had well over 90% of voters classify them as sports.

As for poker? It appears that the general population considers darts (38%), cheerleading (37%), competitive video gaming (29%), chess (18%) and competitive eating (14%) to involve more competition and skill than our beloved game. Here’s more analysis on the matter by Deadspin.

One thing that doesn’t help poker’s cause is how many people still view it as pure gambling. Anybody who’s studied strategy and played long enough knows that this isn’t the case. However, online poker carries the stigma that it’s all about who gets the best cards each hand. Even still, is it less of a competition than darts, competitive eating or chess?

Moving beyond poker, it’s interesting to see how low cheerleading is ranked among pollsters. Much like poker, it’s a heavily debated topic as to whether or not cheerleading is really a sport because it involves judges. Of course, the whole culture of waving pom-poms and providing spirit for other sports doesn’t help matters. But then again, it’s an activity that involves a lot of acrobatics, flexibility and gymnastics ability. So just like poker players, some cheerleaders may have a problem with what games rank above them as a sport.

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Does “Jungleman” Cates have Hitmen working for Him?

By his own admission, Dan “Jungleman” Cates spent his early years as a shy, “lonely” kid playing video games in his parents’ basement. However, he’s since become one of the world’s best high stakes online poker players, and he boasts over $10 million in career profits. But along with his massive online success, has Cates also become something of a mafia boss in the poker community too?

This question arose after a chatbox fight between he and Noah “Exclusive” Boeken. The matter all started when Cates, who also uses the handle “w00ki3z,” accused Boeken of letting Patrik Antonius play under his account. Here’s a look at the conversation, via HighStakesDB:

Exclusive: “whenever u lose u just think people cheat”
Exclusive: “haha”
w00ki3z.: “you admitted patrik played”
Exclusive: “u played so fckin bad that day my sister woulda beat u”
Exclusive: “patrik has his own account”
Exclusive: “r u fcked”
Exclusive: “u think i need people to use my account”
Exclusive: “pathetic”

This isn’t even the juiciest part because Boeken goes on the offensive by suggesting that Jungleman sends hitmen to deal with people that he has problems with. Here’s a look:

w00ki3z: “you can go **** yourself”
Exclusive: “ya”
Exclusive: “just dont sent me a hitman for christmas”
w00ki3z: “youre making it tempting”
Exclusive: “guy wasnt even alone”
Exclusive: “his whole family there”
Exclusive: “ur sick”
w00ki3z: “oh that?”
w00ki3z: “i dont know anything about that guy”

Jungleman no doubt has a lot of money thanks to his highly successful poker career. So he could afford a hitman if he wanted to. But as of now, we highly doubt that he’s connected with any murder-for-hire incidents, or even sending goons to scare or rough people up. Still, it’s interesting that he seems to at least know what Boeken is talking about.

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