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Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi hits the Shooting Range with MP5

The 2014 World Series of Poker is over with, meaning many poker pros are taking some time to relax and do what they love. For Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, this means heading to the Las Vegas Shooting Range.

Mizrachi contacted poker photographer Drew Amato about getting some photos of the gun range trip for a project that he’s working on. What ensued were some pretty sweet pics of The Grinder hitting a few bullz-eyes with high-powered guns. Anybody who’s really into guns, or has just played Call of Duty: Black Ops too much, will recognize the MP5 that Mizrachi is firing in one photo.

He also has a hand gun, which he points right at the camera lens – hope the safety is on. Cheesy jokes aside, this is a pretty cool photo shoot involving one of poker’s best tournament pros. Check out a couple of pictures of the 3-time WSOP champ below:

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Phil Hellmuth dresses like Baby for Poker Game – Brings Bottle and Rattle

He’s dressed like an army general, he’s dressed as Julius Caesar and he’s dressed as a boxer at the poker table. But Phil Hellmuth may have topped all of his previous outfits with his latest getup – a baby costume.

The Poker Brat took his nickname quite literally as he donned a light blue baby outfit and bonnet, then brought a rattle and bottle with him too. And the great thing is that we’ll get to see it all on TV eventually because baby Hellmuth played in a cash game for Poker Night in America.

Some of the pros who joined the 13-time WSOP champion included Tom Schneider and Layne Flack. However, little of the attention fell outside of Hellmuth on this night. Interestingly enough, he actually had good reason for dressing up like a baby since he recently lost a prop bet. Here’s a look at what Hellmuth tweeted about the humiliating consequences:

First out of “Poker Night in America” sit and go, so @JessicaDawley chooses something for me to wear. What though? A wig, a hat, a toga?

Much of the poker world has since seen the news of Hellmuth wearing his baby onesie to the poker table. Doyle Brunson was among them, and he posed the following question after checking out the pictures:

I guess Phil is completely nuts. How much would Ivey take to wear that get up?

Somehow we don’t ever see Phil Ivey following suit by making a prop bet like this.

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Carbon Poker holding $2m Gtd Online Poker Series in September

From September 14th-28th, Carbon Poker will be holding the third installment of the Online Poker Series (OPS III). $2 million in prize money is guaranteed over the 15-day event, with a total of 79 tournament being offered.

And anybody will be able to take a shot at the big prize money because buy-ins range from $2.20 to $530. If you find a tourney buy-in that’s out of your price range, you can always win tickets through our satellites. Just visit the Carbon Poker lobby and look in the tournament section to find everything that’s available.

These satellites will no doubt come in handy for any of our eight Main Events, which offer a combined $500,000 in guaranteed money! The highlight here is the $250,000 Main Event, which gives players an excellent shot at huge payouts.

Remember, OPS III starts on Sept. 14th, meaning you have a little over two and a half months to save up cash for the buy-ins and/or play in satellites. This event serves as an excellent alternative to some of the higher buy-in tournament series that you’ll see throughout the online poker world. And with $2 million on the line in OPS III, both low and high rollers will be able to compete for big money!

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2014 November Niner Felix Stephensen hoping to Quickly Learn Hold’em

Having been a poker pro for four years, you’d think that Felix Stephensen’s experience would rank comparably to his fellow 2014 November Niners. But in all actuality, Stephensen may be even less experienced than foosball champion Billy Pappas when it comes to live NL Holld’em tournaments.

The thing with Stephensen is that he’s almost exclusively played online Pot-Limit Omaha cash games in his career. As his $22,118 in previous live tournament winnings allude to, Stephensen is not exactly a live Hold’em veteran. So it should be all the more amazing that he battled through a 6,683-player field and on to the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table.

The Norwegian certainly doesn’t look to stand pat with his current live tournament skills. In fact, he recently talked about getting a coach while the November Nine is on break until Nov. 10th. “I’ll definitely be looking to find a sick live crusher coach who can teach me the ropes,” Stephensen said. “Basically, I’m not very experienced playing live tournaments, and I really don’t play no-limit at all. So I guess that I kind of have to get back into that.”

One big advantage that Stephensen does have is that he’s second in chips with 32,775,000. Furthermore, the 23-year-old has a good poker mind since he’s been able to make a living with the game for over four years. So it’s not entirely unrealistic to think that he has a shot at the $10 million top prize.

Assuming Stephensen can win, he’d be Norway’s only WSOP Main Event champion (Las Vegas) in history. Perhaps he can channel some mojo from fellow Norwegian Annette Obrestad, who won the 2007 WSOP Europe ME along with $2 million. Interestingly enough, though, even if Stephensen takes fifth ($2,143,174), he’ll earn more than Obrestad. Of course, it’s doubtful that he’s thinking much beyond the $10 million first-place payout.

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2014 November Nine Betting Odds Right Here at Carbon

If you plan on watching the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table play out on November 10th and 1tth, you might as well win some money while you’re at it!

Carbon Sports will be offering odds on the 2014 November Nine for the next few months. And all you have to do is pick your favorite to win it all. Will it be Mark Newhouse, who’s making his second straight final table appearance? Perhaps Martin Jacobson, who’s arguably the most skilled of the nine players left? Or maybe just the obvious choice in current chip leader Jorryt van Hoof?

Assuming you have the answer to these questions in your sports betting crystal ball, then you’ll definitely want to check out Carbon Sports’ 2014 WSOP odds. It should be little surprise that van Hoof currently has the best odds of winning at +250. So if you were to put $100 down on van Hoof and he won, you’d collect a nice $250 profit. But if you think that somebody else is destined to win, you’ll be earning an even bigger profit if that wager comes through.

Take a look at the full list of players and 2014 November Nine odds below. And when doing so, pay special attention to how Jacobson’s odds are much more favorable than his chip count due to his tremendous poker skills:

+250 Jorryt van Hoof – 38,375,000 chips
+350 Felix Stephensen – 32,775,000 chips
+400 Mark Newhouse – 26,000,000 chips
+700 Andoni Larrabe – 22,550,000 chips
+700 Dan Sindelar – 21,200,000 chips
+1000 William Pappaconstantinou – 17,500,000 chips
+1200 William Tonking – 15,050,000 chips
+750 Martin Jacobson – 14,900,000 chips
+1500 Bruno Politano – 12,125,000 chips

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2014 November Niner Martin Jacobson goes from Cook to Poker Hero

While everybody on the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table has some level of poker skills, nobody is as accomplished as Martin Jacobson. The first Swedish player to make the November Nine, Jacobson had $4,807,316 in live winnings before the Main Event. His impressive resume includes five WSOP final tables, four EPT final tables, two WPT final tables, and he’s Sweden’s all-time leader in poker tournament winnings.

Given everything that he has accomplished in the game, you’d think that poker was always Jacobson’s lifelong pursuit. However, the truth is that his first career included being a restaurant cook. And Jacobson didn’t just grill up artery-clogging eggs and burgers in your average greasy spoon. Instead, he was on his way to being a chef at one of Barcelona’s top restaurants, until he had some issues with his contact in the city. Ever since then, he’s dedicated the bulk of his time towards poker.

Now, Jacobson has achieved even more greatness by making the 2014 November Nine. And he hopes to do his country proud on November 10th, as he explained in a recent interview. “I’m hoping that I can be a good role model and represent Sweden well – make my country proud,” he said. “Hopefully a mix of my poker friends and family will be supporting me. My family’s never been to Vegas, so I’ll look to have a good reason to bring them over here.”

The odds of Jacobson actually winning the 2014 Main Event and its accompanying $10 million top prize seem a little low. After all, he’s only got the eighth-largest chip stack with 14,900,000 right now – quite a ways behind the leader, Jorryt van Hoof (38.775 million). But given Jacobson’s amazing live tournament resume, we certainly wouldn’t count him out just yet.

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2014 November Niner Bill Sindelar – The Man who crushed Negreanu, Matusow

Looking at the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table, Dan Sindelar isn’t a name that immediately jumps out at you. Sure, he had a nice little poker resume that included 16 WSOP cashes and over $300k in live winnings before the Main Event. But there was nothing to suggest that this guy is any different from the countless other poker pros and semi-pros out there…until you start getting deeper into his backstory.

Sindelar, who currently sits fifth in chips among the 2014 November Nine with 21.2 million, began playing online poker while attending the University of Nebraska. Within just two years, his game took off and he eventually dropped out of college to pursue poker full-time.

After carving out a very successful career in $10/$20 NL Hold’em games, Sindelar gradually moved up to $100/$200 online cash stakes. Playing under the screen names “dsindy” and “sindy2″, he managed to crush some high-profile opponents like Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow. So while he may have hardly been known in the live tournament world, Sindelar is actually quite the online cash pro.

Another interesting thing about this 30-year-old is that his dad, Bill, is a Masters World Champion powerlifter. So Dan will no doubt be trying to become his family’s second world champion when the 2014 November Nine meets again on Nov. 10th. As for Sindelar’s chances of winning, his Hold’em skills match up with even the best on this year’s final table. Plus, he has a fair amount of experience in WSOP events and is right in the thick of the chip count. So Dan Sindelar definitely isn’t anybody to sleep on with regard to winning the $10 million first-place prize.

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2014 November Niner Bruno Politano Passionate about Repping Brazil

When the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table was formed, one thing became immediately clear: this is one of the most internationally diverse final tables in history. Brazil, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and USA are all represented in the 2014 November Nine. And if there’s one player here who’s more passionate about representing his country than anybody else, it’s Bruno Politano.

The Ceara, Brazil native has stressed in recent interviews that becoming the first Brazilian to make the November Nine isn’t just an accomplishment that he shares for himself. “Brazil is a community of brothers,” he stated. “Everybody supports everybody. Brazilian guys rail for the other, pray for the other. If you are good, everybody’s good. It’s a powerful moment for Brazilians. It’s not my dream come true – it’s a country dream come true.”

Politano continued on this theme by discussing how he believes everybody feels like they’re winning when he does. “Brazil is good vibrations…one Brazilian is winning, everybody is winning. It’s feeling happy for me,” he exclaimed. “If you’ve seen all the messages that I received, you don’t believe it – because I don’t believe it. It’s amazing.”

As for his background, Politano is an amateur poker player who had 10 live cashes (mostly in Brazil) and $110,054 in winnings before the Main Event. His primary job is running a store that sells purses, belts, shoes and women’s clothing. But now that he’s eyeing at least $730,725 in the Main Event, Politano is thinking about pursuing a pro poker career.

He’s still alive for the $10 million first-place prize as well. But Politano has his work cut out for him here because he’s currently ninth in chips with 12,125,000 chips. But then again, at least the Brazilian isn’t lagging too far behind since its a pretty tight pack, with Jorryt van Hoof and his 38.375 million stack leading everybody. Plus Politano will have one of the biggest and wildest rails out of anybody in the 2014 November Nine. After all, he’s got an entire country rooting for him!

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Mark Newhouse wants Anything but Ninth in 2014 WSOP Main Event

For anybody going into the WSOP Main Event, taking ninth place and grabbing a $733,224 prize sounds like a dream. But for a skilled poker pro who’s already went through all of the hoopla surrounding the November Nine, things can be a different story.

Mark Newhouse lived the ninth-place reality last year. Originally, the Chapel Hill, NC native didn’t think he’d have a problem being the first one off the 2013 Main Event final table. This was especially the case when you figure that he only had the eighth largest starting chip stack. But when it happened, Newhouse was rather devastated.

“I’m looking forward to not finishing ninth,” Newhouse joked with USA Today. “Ninth is brutal, man. Coming back four months later and getting no money. I told myself I wouldn’t be disappointed, and whatever happens happens, but it was very, very disappointing…Anything but ninth.”

As has often been discussed leading up to this point, Newhouse is back in the November Nine after making the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table. It seems like a near-impossible scenario, given that he had to run through fields of 6,352 players last year and 6,683 players this year. Nevertheless, Newhouse has completed the accomplishment and will be part of the 2014 November Nine when they meet on Nov. 10th and 11th.

Based on the health of his chip stack – currently ranked third with 26 million chips – and his final table experience, Newhouse has as good a shot as anybody of winning the $10 million first-place prize. So the ninth-place-aphobia that he’s currently feeling may be worth putting behind him now. Newhouse has a very legitimate chance to win, provided the cards aren’t unkind to him like we saw with JC Tran last year. And even if he doesn’t win, Newhouse will likely take down a giant payout worth between $1.6 million and $5.1 million.

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Foosball Champ Billy Pappas looking for WSOP Main Event Glory

In terms of poker accomplishments, William Pappaconstantinou (a.k.a. Billy Pappas) is one of the more unheralded members of the 2014 November Nine. For starters, he’d never even played in a poker tournament with more than a $500 buy-in. And while Pappas has cashed in 20 different tournaments, none of these scores have been significant enough to bring him much poker recognition. So why then is the 29-year-old one of the most talked-about players going into the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table?

Well this would all have to do with his foosball abilities. Pappas is a 12-time foosball world champion and has become one of the game’s all-time legends. Okay, so being a foosball legend doesn’t exactly put you on par with LeBron James or Ronaldo. But it’s still impressive that the foosball champ has found fame in a totally different game.

Currently, Pappas is sixth in chips out of the remaining nine players with 17.5 million. Given that his chip stack isn’t towards the top nor is he one of the more-skilled players left, Pappas doesn’t seem like a good bet to win the Main Event. However, just the fact that the self-described recreational player is here is amazing.

Pappas wasn’t expecting to play the 2014 Main Event this year. He’d traveled from Europe to Canada to train a foosball player and friend. And this person ended up fronting Pappas’ $10,000 buy-in to the Main Event. What ensued was a fantastic run through a 6,683-player field and on to the 2014 November Nine.

Now he has a shot to win the $10 million prize that goes to the winner. Even in the worst-case scenario, Pappas is due a ninth-place payout worth $730,725. Seeing as how he’s the only amateur left among the November Nine, it’ll be interesting to see how Pappas’ amazing Main Event ride ends. We’ll find out when the 2014 Main Event final table meets on November 10th.

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